Unease Swaddles the Land — Wednesday, August 19, 2020

There are four HUGE fires burning in Colorado right now.

Map four large wildfires Colorado



The smoke is settling everywhere

Clinging thick; swathing the world in a horrid shroud of death and destruction



(this is the sun about 4:00 p.m.)

wearily blurring the eyes and burning the lungs

The smoke speaks volumes of what the firefighters are experiencing

And all living creatures caught in the path of the fires

And the poor trees, bushes, and other plants succumbing to the passion of the flames.

Then about 4 o’clock yesterday our local newspaper reported The Mille Creek Fire near Gunnison, Colorado 

Our world is sagging with the fires and the other-the-top heat (103*f —39.44c) plus the dry lightning.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




24 thoughts on “Unease Swaddles the Land — Wednesday, August 19, 2020

    • Misty and the whole family are in Fort Collins today, Blade is going to CSU this year. I asked if there was smoke there, and she said no, but, of course, where she lives you can’t see the next block SIGH


  1. It’s very heartbreaking… I used to go fishing with my dad up Grizzly Creek long ago.
    And to hear 3 of the 4 were human caused. Stupid. 😦


  2. Not too smoky here in Steamboat today, but depends on which way the wind blows. Yesterday it was 7% humidity at our house. So terribly dry and hot. We are praying for rain! Everyone living near the fires stay safe!


  3. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about all these fires, Linda. I’m praying that they can be put out soon and that you will be safe where you live. How horrendous.


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