There Quietly Breathing; Waiting for Me —- Tuesday, August 18, 2020


While out doing ‘my work’ in the hayfield—wait I’m getting ahead of myself

When Terry bales, sometimes the bales coming out of the baler tip over-

Or twist…see the photo

So I go out to correct the bale and get it into the proper position the stack wagon can pick it up.

Otherwise, Terry has to get off the tractor, straighten the bale, get back onto the tractor…you understand.

Anyway, I was moving along several rows ahead of Terry, straightening, rolling, [fix’n] bales, and picking up rocks

When I SAW…a heart setting there in harmony with all the cut stems!

Of course, I picked it up—for home it was going to reside in my heart rock garden!

Then later that day, as I was finishing up my part of the whole process…

Right THERE…waiting patiently for me to ‘see’ it…was another heart.  All covered in smudges and scratches.  Just perfect for my little garden made of hearts!

From my world to your heart,



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