Smoke Stains the Land, As the Forests Burn—-Sunday, August 23, 2020

Smoke spreads its grey self all across the hills, dales, and valleys of our area.

Changing the light into strange colors; unusual and weird. Colors that could make the hair stand up on your neck if you thought about it much.

The smoke disturbs the sunset, albeit in a rather pretty way


Death’s Kingdom for those in the fire’s deadly path

Smoke filling the skies spitefully

The sun, no longer bright and overwhelming,

Edged and shrouded in smoke…

Available to be seen by the naked eye.

The west so needs rain. Please pray for rain…the fires are terrible here in the west…

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


30 thoughts on “Smoke Stains the Land, As the Forests Burn—-Sunday, August 23, 2020

  1. It’s sad that there are so many fires burning in the west. I hope and pray that you do get some rain soon. I wish we could send you some from the hurricanes that our heading toward the Gulf coast.


  2. We haven’t seen the mountains in days.
    Prayers… for all affected, the people and all the critters.
    Prayers… for those wildlland firefighters, smoke jumpers snd cRaZy pilots fighting here in Colorado and throughout the west.
    May we all see clear skies soon ~


  3. Oh my gosh, I looked at the map of the fires, that you made available….how awful! I am praying for rain for all of you.


  4. Prayers for rain and for the fires to stop and for the Firefighters and all the animals that are displaced and for all who have to live in the smokey air. Sure hope we don’t get the smoke here as Far Guy would have to stay inside all the time:(


  5. Good Lord. Fires everywhere. This seems to keep happening, year after year. Wishing you rain. We’ve had so much, mushrooms are all over the place.

    Are y’all struggling with breathing?


  6. as you prob’ly noted on “my fire post” — i went over (& up) to Divide Road (off Hwy 141) to the Uncompahgre, and was AMAZED that Unaweep Canyon was smoke-filled. (and, again, to repeat myself) checked on-line forest-fire sites ’cause i thought certainly U Can was affected by smoke from “somewhere else” — but, NO (!) — so i presume the P.G. fire is/was causing all your pollution? spoke with my bro-in-law in DENVER earlier today and he sez “it’s bad” there. (but Denver is also affected by Ft. Collins, Cameron, Grizzly, etc.)


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