Sherlock Boomer—-What Mom Doesn’t Know, Chapter Eleven, Friday, September 4, 2020

Chapter Eleven

We’ve had a hard week, Mom and I.

Very hard.

I got sick again.

Very sick.

Horribly sick.

Deathly sick.

Mom took me to the vet…the prognosis wasn’t good.

Mom cried and cried and cried.

Then, after giving me all the meds…I seem to be doing better.

It’s my nose again.

Maybe my chest.

Maybe my stomach.

Who knows?

The x-rays didn’t really say.

Mom just couldn’t afford all the blood work and the ultra-sounds and all the other tests.

So, she and I talked about it.

We decided to go with the x-rays and the medication.

The prednisone pumped me up so much I couldn’t sleep.  Spent the whole night panting, and moving up and down, going in and out.

So, no more SPEED for me.

Just the antibiotic for my nose.

Mom and I talked about that also.


It all started back up with all the smoke in the area.

Yesterday Mom said:  “Come on, Boomie. You and I need a change of pace.  This panting and huffing and puffing is not good.”

Up I went with her to check the water.

We went at noon and again in the evening.

Honestly, I think I am better today.

I sure hope so.

Mom and I have our fingers and paws crossed.

I trust Mom.

Mom kisses me lots on the nose and tells me to work hard and get well, Boomie.  “We have lots of stuff still to do together.”

I sure love Mom.

(Mom doesn’t really know how things are going to go. Please pray for the best.  The best for Boomie. I will do my best to accept whatever is meant to be.   Thank you, my friends!)

From my heart to your world,



39 thoughts on “Sherlock Boomer—-What Mom Doesn’t Know, Chapter Eleven, Friday, September 4, 2020

  1. Love you, Boomer. It isn’t easy when family gets sick… I really hope the antibiotics work really well! Really fast! Cuz then you’ll get your appetite back ~
    Prayers & )))hugs(((


    • I think I’m better. I hate taking that HUGE pill, but Mom puts it in a hot dog, which I promptly spit out the pill. Then Mom puts it in something else. I think she gives up. Boomer. No I don’t. I just keep at it until he takes the pill without knowing! HAHAHAH


  2. I am surely praying for your Boomer….that he will get well again and stay well for a good long time. I also pray Linda, for you to accept whatever comes and to cherish each day you have with Boomer. Pets are such a gift to us. I’m praying you can enjoy Boomer for a long time yet. Take care!


  3. Oh no Boomer …your nose again…sure hope you feel real better soon…I am thinking of you and your Mom and your Dad too…It is hard on the rest of the pack when one is sick. Better lick your Mom’s tears away. Love you Boomer! 🙂


  4. Dear Linda, my hearth goes out to you and Boomer. We just went trough this with our beloved old dog. Sometimes as dog moms we have to make some very hard decisions. I send all my best wishes to you and Boomer. He looks happy with you out on the fields.


  5. Hope the abx helps a lot. Is there an inhaler or something you could add on? Keep on enjoying your walks with your mom. She needs you.


  6. I just now read this and my heart sank! Now listen , Boomer..your mom loves you so much and is trying to help you. So please take the pills and don’t make things harder for her. We are praying for your recovery. Your mom will always do what is best for you, you know. Hugs and kisses.


  7. Lulu: “We’re sorry you were doing poorly again, Boomer, but glad to hear you’re feeling a little better.”
    Charlee: “We know taking medicine is no fun but if it helps you stay with your Mom and Dad then it’s only a good thing.”
    Chaplin: We are sending lots of purrs for you to keep feeling better.”
    Lulu: “And I send tail wags!”


  8. Oh, Boomer! I am so sorry you feel bad. I don’t like hearing about that. My mommy just told me. I send you kitty meows & purrs. Purring always makes me feel better. Get lots of rest.

    I hope he gets better. All of that smoke is not good for any of you. Are you and Terry OK? Any breathing problems?


  9. Hey dear Boomer … I’m so sorry to hear that you aren’t well again. I do so hope that the antibiotics help you .. praying that you get well soon you lovely boy! Your Mom loves you to bits … so do we! Hugs Linda .. healing pats Boomer


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