Sherlock Boomer—-What Mom Doesn’t Know, Chapter Eleven, Friday, September 4, 2020

Chapter Eleven

We’ve had a hard week, Mom and I.

Very hard.

I got sick again.

Very sick.

Horribly sick.

Deathly sick.

Mom took me to the vet…the prognosis wasn’t good.

Mom cried and cried and cried.

Then, after giving me all the meds…I seem to be doing better.

It’s my nose again.

Maybe my chest.

Maybe my stomach.

Who knows?

The x-rays didn’t really say.

Mom just couldn’t afford all the blood work and the ultra-sounds and all the other tests.

So, she and I talked about it.

We decided to go with the x-rays and the medication.

The prednisone pumped me up so much I couldn’t sleep.  Spent the whole night panting, and moving up and down, going in and out.

So, no more SPEED for me.

Just the antibiotic for my nose.

Mom and I talked about that also.


It all started back up with all the smoke in the area.

Yesterday Mom said:  “Come on, Boomie. You and I need a change of pace.  This panting and huffing and puffing is not good.”

Up I went with her to check the water.

We went at noon and again in the evening.

Honestly, I think I am better today.

I sure hope so.

Mom and I have our fingers and paws crossed.

I trust Mom.

Mom kisses me lots on the nose and tells me to work hard and get well, Boomie.  “We have lots of stuff still to do together.”

I sure love Mom.

(Mom doesn’t really know how things are going to go. Please pray for the best.  The best for Boomie. I will do my best to accept whatever is meant to be.   Thank you, my friends!)

From my heart to your world,



Bubbles of Joy—-Thursday, May 26, 2016

Loch-Colorado-Farm-MonsterThe Monster at the Loch of Colorado Farm. He resides within the Standing Stones Garden.

1Everything comes at a price, they say.  Everything.

3But I wonder:  Does it have to be in pain, and sweat and tears!

Can’t the price be hope, and joy, and the belief in well-being?


Can’t it come through that most profound emotion called Love?


Why NOT approach everything in the belief that there is a stream of well-being in the world and be part of that stream?


I love the coolness and the sudden sense of relief the second I arrive in that place of “letting go”.   The letting go place is soothing, calming, and (to be very honest) Real!

Changing-Water-1Even if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say…that’s okay also.

CultivatingI much prefer this looking at the world in rose colored glasses, than any other kind.

Cooling-offMy wish for you today is find those things that raise your heart in happiness!

From my heart to your world,




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Fun with Hank and the Kids

It’s been busy here!  I mean really busy.

Hank and I have had lots and lots to do!

Oh! Yeah.  Hank is here for 9 days! 9 Days of doing stuff with Hank and sometimes the kids!



We went to the park

Grandpa pushed the girls, Hank and I sat with Mom-mom and Mom; then we stiffed around all the bushes.


We went for a walk, actually many, many walks.  Hank and I walked with kids and then we would walk out onto the farm by ourselves.


We tried to follow grandpa when he would take the kids for a ride, If Blade went on the 4-wheeler then Hank and I ran beside him…that was ALWAYS exhausting.  But Blade doesn’t go fast so we can keep up.


We had a cook out where Blade played on the swing.  Mom said she was very happy to see the Swing going back and forth again.  J  Hank and I laid under the bushes and panted…it was hot that evening.


One time we all went to the river and played in the water down there.



I even tried climbing a tree… (I didn’t like it.  Hank didn’t even try to climb the tree)


The girls took me out swimming…not a favorite thing of mine to do—but Hank loved it.


Still more days to go…Hank and I, not best friends forever, like Fuzzy and I were,


but good friends.




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Back Stop

Yesterday was a BLAST!!!

Sam-Sam, Monkey, Mom, Dad, and I all worked outside. The day was cold, but it felt nice to be outside ‘doing stuff’.


Dad was building another backstop for the hay. Since he expanded the acreage of alfalfa he also had to expand the hay yard.  First he dug post holes then he started nailing up the backstop wood.  Mom just held the wood, Dad does all the hard work, like digging the holes,



the tractor sets the poles, and Mom holds the wood in place.


Then Mom and I went for WALK!!! Actually I went for a jog/run/dash :).My-Sam

Sam-Sam came with us,



but Monkey hung out with Dad!


When we got back Dad and Mom loaded up an old cottonwood burr



to haul to the upper end.


Dad said it would make a nice home for some critter up there.

Then Mom and Dad cut up firewood and Mom hauled it to the house.  All the time they were busy — I checked out everything I could…the pipes, the ditches, deer tracks…you name it.



Sam-Sam hung out with Mom and Dad and



Monkey climbed on EVERYTHING!


After that we had to go down to the other house and check on everything down there…that meant a FOUR-WHEELER RIDE!!!!


When all this was finished the day was cooling down and the sun was starting to set!

What a perfect day we had!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Cornharvest

All-in-a-rowHere is the corn all in a row,

The tassels are up; the cobs below.

25Dad’s in the combine making a dust,

Harvest is continuing all in a rush.


The corn is all gobbled and spun out to fly

Leaving a cob all empty to dry.

WalkMonkey wants to hunt mice with me

MM-walkingBut  I have the Nose you see

HuntingOff you go Monkey don’t wait around now


If there is something interesting I set up and Howl!

Your Poet at large ( TEE HEE!)

BOOMER, The Handsome!!!