Update—Sunday, September 13, 2020

The rains have left giving us lovely late Summer days

The corn is drying down

Ever so nicely in the peaceful warmth of September sunshine

But the thing that is more than delightful

Boomer actually asked to go with me on the four-wheeler, something he hasn’t done in two or more weeks.

The earth is full of Late Summer/Early Autumn flowers

And my little Boomer has a smile on his face again

Giving me great joy!

Thank you ever so much for caring about my little beagle.

You are all true friends,

From my heart to your world,



30 thoughts on “Update—Sunday, September 13, 2020

  1. I am so glad Boomer is feeling better! You too!! Brought tears to my eyes ~
    He needs a mask like the fire fighters wear, as the smoke is forecasted to drift back to Colo this week… uck!


  2. Boomer looks so good….yes he does look like he’s smiling. Sweet dog. Hope he stays healthy for a good long time. Are your fires getting better?


  3. I don’t think we will see any rain here so I can’t send you any. Glad to see Boomer out in the sunshine. I’m behind as you well know. I’ll try and see what I’ve been missing. I’m so ready for winter this year more than ever. Be careful with that smoke blowing in. It’s not kind.


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