Corn is Made—Wednesday, September 13, 2017

After much checking and checking and more checking Terry has decided that the corn is now made

All the signs are there

The husks are turning golden

The silks no longer bright and shiny

When the animals try to bite into them the kernels are hard

We made it!

The growing season is done.

Although, we are NOT over yet….

The pinto beans are drying…big fluffy plants

The new fall field is soaking up the water..

The alfalfa is really growing, but it won’t be cut again.  Four cuttings deplete the plant going into winter. (For us anyway)

Slowly, slowly, the summer is dwindling down…sinking into that hugely busy time called harvest!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Our Farm is a Peaceful Place—-Tuesday, September 13, 2016


But is also is a very busy place.  I am late posting today because of so many calls upon my time.


We stir early, early.  The day is not even waking, when we stir to life and the farm is whirred into action like a freshly wound clock; the cogs and wheels shifting and spinning until the night rises to meet the day.  Then it starts all over again just like magic the next day.

getting-readyWe are working on the mud ditch.  What a huge messy job.  Terry got the a few of the dams out, I helped with the gated pipe—but we still have to pick up all the syphon tubes.  Maybe later this afternoon.

the-day-of-rainWe had several little rain storms move through our place last night.  We were out cutting firewood—still several more days to go—when the downpours occurred.  Not good for the pulled beans, but it is what it is.  We just move on forward.

hay-for-romeoThe little swallows have gone.  My heart feels sad…it means summer is officially over.  I love their pursuit of insects diving and swooping on slender outspread wings. morning-glory-hiddenStill the days are warm, but

small-sundogI saw a sundog while we were cutting firewood… a cool down is on its way.  The oldtimers say in three days.

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,