That Brutal World We Live In — Wednesday, July 21, 2021

While out-and-about

I saw a coyote (from a distance) hanging out where the swather had been sitting and where the squirrels were playing.

He/she was sporting the Summer-fur look.


A quick dash off.


I drove the four-wheeler over to the spot, to save the rest of the surry of squirrels, at least for a short while.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


18 thoughts on “That Brutal World We Live In — Wednesday, July 21, 2021

  1. Coyotes. Disgusting things. Had no idea they’d go after a squirrel. Not good for the squirrels…
    We’ve had too many coyotes around here this year, and way too close to the house – even in the daytime.


  2. Squirrels are natural prey for coyotes. Better than going after pet cats. Where I lived before. they had ground squirrel shoots because they are vermin, destroying and fouling alfalfa fields. I shot them on sight when I caught them eating my chickens’ food. They dig holes for burrows where horses step in them and break legs. Disgusting creatures and they multiply like mice.


  3. Lulu: “We get frequent coyote visitors here, too! I run them off when Mama and Dada let me.”
    Chaplin: “Well, you run back and forth along the fence, but you can’t actually get to them.”
    Lulu: “Same thing. Anyway, I haven’t seen the coyotes take any squirrels, but that one sure did eat a lot of our peaches.”
    Charlee: “Why do you care about that? Do you even like peaches?”
    Lulu: “Of course I don’t like peaches. But it’s the principle of the thing!”


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