Missing Mindy — Friday, July 30, 2021

I can’t find Mindy

She is missing.

She didn’t come in several nights ago for her “Mindy Time”

I can’t find her anywhere.

I’ve called, I walked the place looking for her

I put out a game camera

Trying to see if she shows up in any photos

I got this one on the 16th.

Then I moved the camera to here and got this one

But I’m not really sure it’s her.  We have a stray black cat that has shown up in the yard and it may be it.

Mindy Lou-Sue I miss you.

I hope you are alright

My heart is brimming with sadness.

The farmyard is silent in a sad and empty sort of way

I miss your wee little gifts

I miss you.

I wish I knew where you are, or what has happened to you.

I miss you, Mindy Lou-Sue, My Min-Min.

From my heart to your heart,


53 thoughts on “Missing Mindy — Friday, July 30, 2021

    • She was feral when she came here at about fives years old. She will stay in the house, but much prefers being outside in the tractor shed or the barn. She likes to come in and hang out for a spell, or even to spend part of the night, but mostly she wants to be outside. But close to us.


  1. Oh Linda, I am so sorry. Hopefully she’s on a secret kitty mission and will be home tonight. Keep us posted…


  2. Darn…get your butt home Mindy! I sure hope she shows up. WE had a cat one time that was gone for a month…came home skinny and hungry. We had given up on her …never give up!


  3. Oh no Linda! When I first started reading your blog, I thought you were kidding…and now I see that you’re not. I’m praying she will show up…..but it’s not a good thing that she’s been gone this long because I know she loves you guys and loves going in and out of your house. So sad to hear this….hoping she shows up soon!


  4. I am so terribly sorry to read that Mindy is missing!! How incredibly painful this must be for you. I realize that not so long ago Boomer went to heaven and left you with a broken heart…and in a much smaller way all of we followers who came to love them both and looked forward to reading about their escapades share your sorrow.I hope you are surrounded by people who are there to comfort you. Our animals are very much truly family members and their passing on leaves us deeply missing them.I believe that they will be waiting for in the next life and will come running when you hit the pearly gates.Mary in Colorado

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  5. Oh Mindy! Hope she will turn up after just a long cat adventure! Cats can walk a long m way on patrol.Have neighbours seen her? A friends curious cat jumped in the carpenter’s car and took a long hike. She got a ride back home . Hope for a best outcome for Mindy too ❤️


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