Beneath the Stars and the Bright Lights —- Monday, August 2, 2021

So…just what does a farmer do for fun

You load up your Classic Tractor

(For some reason, I can’t get my actual pull video to show up.)

And you go to a tractor pull; whereby,

He did very well; pulling 76% of his tractor’s weight!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



17 thoughts on “Beneath the Stars and the Bright Lights —- Monday, August 2, 2021

  1. Chaplin: “Ooh! Our Dada used to have a tractor back in New York! But it was a lot smaller than that, and I don’t think he ever pulled anything with it …”
    Charlee: “How would you know? You were never in New York.”
    Chaplin: “Dennis told me.”
    Charlee: “How would he know? He was never in New York either.”
    Chaplin: “Tucker and Trixie told him.”
    Charlee: “Oh, well, if Trixie said it, then it must be true.”


  2. Nothing like having a multitasking vehicle. Reminds me of one particular day in history class in my senior year. We had a funny lady as our teacher. She would challenge you and expect to be challenged by you. She had a great, dry wit.

    I forget how we got on the topic but, there was a discussion about cars. Somehow, there was a comparison made between a 280Z & a Model T Ford. She posed a question to one of the football players…which vehicle is better and for what reason? He immediately came back with the Z car being better because it was fast. Another football player piped up and said that the Z car couldn’t plow a field but, he bet the Model T could. The whole room broke up, including our teacher!

    My grandparents never had a tractor…just a large tiller. I still think about Model Ts plowing fields because of that football player. πŸ˜„

    Our yard man (RIP…remember my “Don’t Laugh” picture post?) used to race lawnmowers!


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