Blood Red — Not Good — Ever, Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Skies like these are a distant memory, anymore

This is what our skies look like

Most of the time…smoke sinking into each and everything

Sometimes a tad worse than other times


Once in a while, a slight breeze lightens the smoke

But, more often than not, the sun is stained dazzlingly red, red, red

As it sinks below the edge of the Uncompahgre Plateau.

We so need rain.

As does every place else in the dry, combusting west.


From my world to your heart,


27 thoughts on “Blood Red — Not Good — Ever, Tuesday, August 17, 2021

  1. Wow, Linda. It’s really settled in your area. It’s getting worse over here today, but I think our altitude helps a tad. Can’t see the mountains though..
    I think this is going to be like the 1988 Yellowstone fire – snow put it out 😪


  2. Oh, I’m soooo sorry. It’s terrible for you and all the animals. Why don’t we have more fire fighting capability? Surely it would be cheaper than these fires. Take care; be careful!



  3. The wind here is blowing in from the WSW so you and Terry are in for more smoke… and for others like myself with a history of asthma this is as you said ‘not good – ever’
    Right now the smoke is so thick I can’t even see the highway which is only a little over 6 acres away.
    as always I hug you (((Linda))) and am grateful for your friendship.


  4. We got our first break in the smoke today. Finally decent air quality I could go out into. I wish you didn’t have to be out breathing that stuff. I’m praying for rain and leaving important stuff out on the open deck to tantalize it. We’ve had those skies for over a week now but a marine front moved in to move it out. For now. So scary. Hope it moves that stuff out for you too.


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