I’ll Bet You Can’t Guess What We’ve Been Doing —- Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Yep! Second Cutting

Of the third field.

Sometimes in September, we will start all over for the third time, then the haying season will be done.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm


Blood Red — Not Good — Ever, Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Skies like these are a distant memory, anymore

This is what our skies look like

Most of the time…smoke sinking into each and everything

Sometimes a tad worse than other times


Once in a while, a slight breeze lightens the smoke

But, more often than not, the sun is stained dazzlingly red, red, red

As it sinks below the edge of the Uncompahgre Plateau.

We so need rain.

As does every place else in the dry, combusting west.


From my world to your heart,


When You Run into a Bunch of Wasps—-Monday, August 17, 2020

Tumbling and twisting and zinging about

Creating an uneasy feeling for everyone around

The only thing to do is snap a photo or three 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Something Different—Monday, August 17, 2015

LearningAs much fun as it is learning new things, helping out, and just hanging out talking to the grandparents, visiting aunts and uncles and staying up long into the night talking to Grammy before going to sleep….

LinkinSometimes you just need to do ‘something different’.   So today we are heading into town to pick up Linkin’s very best friend (they have been best friends since First Grade) Ellie!


Ellie will spend the day, the night, the next day and part of the evening with us.  Then, on Wednesday, she most go to school and we will be taking Linkin home.

PinkIn the mean time…memories will be made for a life time.

And as always I offer my friendship to you,



An Enchanted Summer–Sunday, August 17, 2014

CosmosWe have had the most unusual summer…

PathWe have had visitors from near and far,

Pink-and-whiteW have raced through forests and witnessed local towns annual celebrations, watched exotic dancers with barefeet dance and veils plus swirls of skirts on extremely hot pavement at the Farmer’s Market in Grand Junction.

RedWe’ve wept at the loss of grandchildren moving from ‘just next to us’ to a town three hours away.

Smells-yummyWe’ve been guests at our local racetrack as we watched a long-time friend and his family race to the finish line, often times in first place.

SurpriseThis week we are nearing the end of summer. (Summer always ends when school starts 🙂 )

The two youngest grandchildren, the two granddaughters will stay with us just before school starts for them.  It is our last full week of the little tykes then their lives will begin with large brush strokes of ‘being the new kid in the classroom’ and first time (for Bladen) on the Middle School Football Team–“Go Bull Dogs”

WildGrandpa and I will help them collect memories of ‘life on the farm—on a fine summer day’ as much as we can.

ZinniaThen on Friday they return to Craig, Colorado, and we begin again to prepare for harvest.

TurningThe pinto beans leaves are starting to turn yellow.  Possibly one more irrigation then we will be done for another season with the pinto beans.  Terry is working on the bean combine (I help here and there—‘come hold this bolt, or lift up on the auger’ — you know stuff like that.

And he is getting the hay swather ready to go…the pinto beans and the last cutting of hay will happen very close together.  In-between there are hay customers, weeds to pull and now the house across the field, of which I need to mow, water, weed and take a paint brush to here and there.

We are very lucky, Terry and I! Family and friends have filled our days.  Soon our son will be getting married and we will welcome a new member.  The harvest will begin and my canning will finally be done.

In the evening we will continue to sit outside, as the evening slowly changes into dusk, then dark watching the multitude of twinkling stars.  The next day we will begin again.

As each of you will do!

Your friend,