While the Smoke Wrapped Us in a Shroud — Wednesday, August 18, 2021

I have been a tad depressed, or anxious, or something lately

I have finally decided it is because of the smoke enveloping everything

Although, the wind does thin the smoke randomly giving us a taste of Blue

The smoke is still there engulfing us randomly

It was while we were up at the Upper End, I looked down at a most unusual Rock

It was a heart!

The Earth, our farm, the Universe telling me–Don’t dispair, All is not lost, joy has not vanished.

I brought it home to live with my other ‘found’ hearts. πŸ™‚

Sometimes we need little reminders, don’t we?

From my world to your heart,





25 thoughts on “While the Smoke Wrapped Us in a Shroud — Wednesday, August 18, 2021

  1. I think we are all a little on edge these days, and the smoke makes it worse. I’m sure your heart is still sore about Mindy and that doesn’t help. Hang in there. These are just very difficult times, and your blog is such a help. Wish I could do the same for you.

    May thanks



  2. What a wonderful little heart rock you found! I think it must be easy to get depressed and down with all the smoke around you day after day. I pray that things will get better soon…but will it take winter before things get better? So sorry you have to put up with the smoke every day. So sad for everybody.


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