Sometimes I Catch Myself Holding My Breath — Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Sometimes, when things appear to become overwhelming,

I seem to have a hard time catching my breath

More than catching my breath

Actually, breathing!

It’s like I’m holding my breath

Bracing myself before the next shoe might fall

And, of course, the operative word

Is might.

And then— I learn that the Earth always says:

“Might” is a pretty vague word–

Believe, instead in Magic.

For Magic is right there existing for, and with, us— always, and evermore.

From my world to your Heart,


While the Smoke Wrapped Us in a Shroud — Wednesday, August 18, 2021

I have been a tad depressed, or anxious, or something lately

I have finally decided it is because of the smoke enveloping everything

Although, the wind does thin the smoke randomly giving us a taste of Blue

The smoke is still there engulfing us randomly

It was while we were up at the Upper End, I looked down at a most unusual Rock

It was a heart!

The Earth, our farm, the Universe telling me–Don’t dispair, All is not lost, joy has not vanished.

I brought it home to live with my other ‘found’ hearts. ūüôā

Sometimes we need little reminders, don’t we?

From my world to your heart,





I Love Hearts in Nature—Sunday, Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016

Heart-4I love looking for hearts in nature!  I look for them where ever I might find myself.

Heart-StoneWhen I find them it confirms that love always surrounds us—it’s up to us to ‘see’.

Love‚ô• comes from those we love, and from those who love us.




But it also shows up in every single place we¬†go. It waits for us…all we have to is look.

Bleeding-Heart-2Hearts are always there, whether we notice them or not.

The-HeartUndoubtedly there are hearts around you right now, too.

HeartNurturing love, through times of turmoil and transition.

It brings us to the next level of our lives.  As we climb each level, love awaits.

Moon-StoneNo matter which path in the road we take, no matter where we stroll, no matter what journey we are on.

Love is there, traveling with us, sometimes running ahead to wrap us in protection and care.

It’s up to us to see. ¬†“All the windows of my heart I open to the day.”-— John Greenleaf Whittier once wrote.

Happy Valentine’s Day my Friends,



Sunday Stills—From the Heart

The Sunday Stills assignment this week is in honor of Valentine’s Day…. ¬†something from the heart.

When I was a child my Momma always decorated for Valentine’s Day. ¬†And it seemed she was always the room mother in charge of this sweet and romantic holiday. ¬†One year she created a castle out of cardboard boxes and poster board, then she¬†decorated¬†it with crepe paper and lace¬†doilies¬†and beautiful pink and read hearts.

This lovely castle sat on it it’s very own table at our tiny country school house (only 8 to 10 children where in my class from First Grade through the Sixth). ¬†Into the slot at the top of the castle every child placed their Valentines…some were store bought (if your parents had money) but most were hand-made.

This lovely little castle has sat in my mind ever since.  Once in awhile I try to recreate it, but I always come up short.  I guess, for it to be correct, it needs her loving touch.

My valentine decorations aren’t as fancy as hers, but they make me feel ‘the spirit’.

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Happy Sunday Stills Everyone!