Summer is Flying By —- Thursday, August 18, 2022

May be an image of text that says 'I feel like a time traveler: June, July, August. Summer dissolves in my mouth and I can't remember what it tasted like. Zoe Lianne Poy&veryotion Every amotion'

O! How fast it seems

This is a butterfly–their lives go ever so quickly—so who am I to complain?

Ah…true. Not complaining–

Just a tad sad at the quickness of the passing of my favorite time of year

(Although, I must admit the over-the-top heat has just about ‘dun me in)

The earth is so hot when you are on the ground

The heat hits you in the face!

Still, I would prefer Summer to stay

A little while longer.

(Just a tad bit cooler)

For late Summer to linger

Then late Autumn to linger until Thanksgiving.

Giving all of us more days of

That slow, easy feeling — Summer brings to our souls.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


While the Smoke Wrapped Us in a Shroud — Wednesday, August 18, 2021

I have been a tad depressed, or anxious, or something lately

I have finally decided it is because of the smoke enveloping everything

Although, the wind does thin the smoke randomly giving us a taste of Blue

The smoke is still there engulfing us randomly

It was while we were up at the Upper End, I looked down at a most unusual Rock

It was a heart!

The Earth, our farm, the Universe telling me–Don’t dispair, All is not lost, joy has not vanished.

I brought it home to live with my other ‘found’ hearts. 🙂

Sometimes we need little reminders, don’t we?

From my world to your heart,





There Quietly Breathing; Waiting for Me —- Tuesday, August 18, 2020


While out doing ‘my work’ in the hayfield—wait I’m getting ahead of myself

When Terry bales, sometimes the bales coming out of the baler tip over-

Or twist…see the photo

So I go out to correct the bale and get it into the proper position the stack wagon can pick it up.

Otherwise, Terry has to get off the tractor, straighten the bale, get back onto the tractor…you understand.

Anyway, I was moving along several rows ahead of Terry, straightening, rolling, [fix’n] bales, and picking up rocks

When I SAW…a heart setting there in harmony with all the cut stems!

Of course, I picked it up—for home it was going to reside in my heart rock garden!

Then later that day, as I was finishing up my part of the whole process…

Right THERE…waiting patiently for me to ‘see’ it…was another heart.  All covered in smudges and scratches.  Just perfect for my little garden made of hearts!

From my world to your heart,



The God(s) Whisper to Us — Sunday, August 18, 2019

From Pinterest)

Time is flying by.  Everything is moving rapidly now.  Although, one wouldn’t know it, for the sun is still drenching the evening sky, in brilliant shades of color

The full moon’s silver light shivers the land, through filtering leaves on trees

But the disturbing look of Autumn is starting to appear

That signal which says: ‘Soon Summer will just be an echo’,

Prepare yourself.  Prepare.

From my world to your heart,


Today is THE Day—-Thursday, August 18, 2016

August-Full-MoonThe Full Moon in August


Sometimes called the Sturgeon Moon–for a large fish common in the Great Lakes (but of course not here)


Or the Green Corn Moon


Or the Grain Moon, or

Clouds-Birds-and-Moon2Or the RED MOON!

That’s what fits us here! The Red Full Moon of August!

from your friend on a western Colorado Farm!

💕  Linda


I’m Late, Very Late—Tuesday, August 18, 2015

lTerry and I have been working down at the other house…there was (not anymore 🙂 ) a broken water pipe.

kOf course, it was way, way, under there…crawling through icky dark cobwebby spots is never a favorite thing to do

jThen we found out that the clothes washer wasn’t working

FrogSo to make a very long, tedious story short

d We are done! (We hope!)

The girls have gone with Terry to change the water and I’m fixing lunch.

cCrossed fingers and toes…everything is back into place and good working order.

As always your friend,


Fall has Arrived —Monday, August 18, 2014

YumThe summer birds are leaving….gradually one group by another is flying away from our farm to locals further south.

The Robins left early, going in sometime in July.  Then the Orioles emptied the the sugar feeds and left. I have not seen a Western Meadowlark for  ever so long; the blackbirds swooped down into the feeders early one morning then took off in a cloud.  I will have to wait until spring to see and hear them again. 🙂


It won’t be long before the Swallows fly.  The last of the babies are ready to fledge any moment.  I hope I can capture the ‘gathering’ as they swoop and settle on the electric wires waiting for all the other swallows to gather with them.


So far the Hummingbirds are still here.  I am so glad!  They bring me joy as they buzz and  hum while I weed and water.

Then one day last week the owls came back….singing their night songs as they hunted for mice in the fields.  The crows and raves are letting me know they are here also and they really DO like black sunflower seeds.

Fall has arrived.

The trees are starting to sport yellow mixed in among the green, the weeds are turning woody and going to seed even if they are only ankle high…they know.  Time is running out.


My garden is still blooming well, the seeds have not started appearing.  Which is good.  I’m not ready for winter.

Today the little girls are going to have a sleep over—the schools in Delta start on Wednesday, but the schools in Craig don’t start until next Monday. There is much sadness as this leaving.  So in a great burst of compassion I asked if they would like to have one best friend each to spend the night tonight.  (I hope this Grammy is up to it)  I will take the best friends home sometime after lunch tomorrow.


Wish me luck, it’s been a mighty long time since I’ve had sleep over’s at our house.  Can you just hear it now….chattering until Mid-night…lots of giggles and whispers!

Your friend,