Loudly Soft Music —- Thursday, December 23, 2021

Step outside and Listen

The Life Force of the sky

Floats gently to the earth—making a roar in your heart.

What a blessing!

Your friend on a western Colorado sky,


12 thoughts on “Loudly Soft Music —- Thursday, December 23, 2021

  1. This touched my heart!! The Geese that come here in the Spring, to have their babies, stopped here a couple of weeks ago, I heard them coming in and went to see – 8, all eight of them – I couldn’t stop smiling all day. Thank you for the Beautiful pictures!!


  2. Loved the pic of you andTerry We had one of those in 1964. I remember having a tiny waist. Ah , ” Time, the subtle thief of youth.”

    You outdid yourself with today’s post. Beautiful, emotionally comforting. Many thanks for everything..

    Be careful with the company. O is roaring here, and we arent doing much.

    Merry Christmas,



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