A Pale Horse and Rider —- Wednesday, February 12, 2020

It was a shock to read on Tuesday that a wonderful, and long-time blog friend, Jan Williams was killed in her home while watching the Super Bowl playoffs.

She started following my blog in 2007.  At which time I started following her.

Over the years she would send me private emails of encouragement, a Christmas gift of her stunning quilt work, and many-times two thumbs up for something I wrote.

She, among others, encouraged me to try my hand at printing a book.  Then she even announced my book on her blog.

She was a huge friend.

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I will miss her very much.  

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That man even had his kids in the car.  The rest of his life he will be paying (emotionally) for the belief he could drink and drive.

My heart goes out to everyone.

Good-bye, Jan.  You were a wonderfully stalwart friend!

From my heart to your world,