The Whole Sky Flared—-Sunday, February 12, 2017


One evening I was walking with Shannon and Romeo, the dogs–Black Dog, Rocky and Boomer, plus Mindy and Sam following us, when the whole sky flared into vivid light

sunset-and-treeRed, rose, yellow and orange.  The clouds were caught up in the blaze of the setting sun.

redtreeTurning our Blue Spruce tree into branches of fire

the-last-of-the-day-004A large and wondrous gift from the heavens.

From my world to your heart!



Day Length–Thursday, February 12, 2015

East-PinkEveryday the length is growing longer and longer.  Such a huge relief to me.

UseHere, in our part of the world, the sun is rising close to 7–today 7:08.  Of course it starts to get light earlier, around 6:40.

FlungThen the sun sets at 5:45 with twilight lasting a spell.

The joys of a longer day!  For us…10 hours and 38 minutes (today).

These longer days, coupled with the warmer weather is making February go fast.

Looking at the weather maps there is a huge line drawn straight down the United States, terrible cold and snow on one side, unusually warm on the other half.  What a study in contrasts!

For now, though, I am enjoying the longer days and the beautiful skies!

Your Friend,