The Next Day—Monday, May 11, 2015

rain-2.jpgThe days always seem so L.O.N.G. when the skies are dreary and gloomy and grey…even the sitting sun could only lighten up the misty, dripping clouds a tad.  But I suppose a tinge of sunshine is better than no sunshine.  🙂

Terry has become worried that seed corn has rotted in the ground, we see nothing sprouting out there.  Later on today we will go out and check. If it has rotted then he will have to re-buy the seed and replant.  A very costly thing to have to do, but very necessary.

Bullock-OrieoThe little bird from yesterday’s drenching rain post

2Is a Bullock Oriole.  So far this year I have two pair.  I’ve tried sitting out oranges and grape jelly, which everyone assures me they love, but the jelly gets hard and the oranges dry up.

!Instead the little feathered friends are sharing the Hummingbird feeders with the Hummingbirds.  I have about eight hummers now–I’m thinking that is four pair.  I have six feeders out, and could possibly add another one.  But I’m not in a hurry—if the food starts going away faster then I will put out another feeder or two.  (I use 1 part sugar to 4 parts water, if you are interested.)

Today we have sunshine.  Sunshine sure brings joy to my soul.

Your friend on a soggy, but sunny day, farm,


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Who’s Walking on OUR FARM!!!!?

We went with Mom and Dad to order the corn seed and the alfalfa seed for next year.

It seemed to TAKE FOREVER!!!

Fuzzy and I had to wait in the back of the truck.  Fuzzy doesn’t mind waiting in the back of the truck, but if I have to wait I get bored.  I want to get out and sniff around!!!

But Mom made us all wait with her while Dad talked water and seeds and stuff like that.

All seeds are short this year because of the HUGE drought last summer.  Dad ordered most of his corn seed, but got three bags to bring home and three bags of pure gold (alfalfa seed) to also bring home.  The rest he will order in January and hope to pick up everything he ordered in March or April.

They are saying that we just MIGHT get to have 40% irrigation water next year…no one knows how to prepare.  Dad said he will prepare as always, but also be prepared to not plant as much.

After we got home

I could SMELL something different on the farm…I took off hallooooooooooooing to the upper end, Fuzzy right behind me.


Mom came along with Fuzzy.


I was right!

The whole pack was here walking on the farm!

We joined them.

Then Houston and I went off to sniff things around all the hillsides and just left everyone else in the dust.

Houston is a ton of fun…did you know she can climb trees? Yes! She CAN!!!

Fuzzy and I just look at her, who would have every thought?  I know cats can climb trees

and foxes can climb trees, but I sure didn’t know Houston could climb trees.

The day was pretty warm and nice so they all walked together for some way.

I kept an eye on them, even though they couldn’t see me!  Then when everyone headed for the house and Hank and his family headed to their house, I waited and waited while they called me then……

I gave it my all and caught up with them just as they started down the road to home!

Of course, after we got back and Shannon and her family went home, Fuzzy and I figured out the sun was just right for a


I love surprises like this!