I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night — Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Sleep came hard last night…it seemed to avoid me

My eyes were closed, but my mind —well, I think you understand.

What caused my thoughts to shift and drift, and scream around in my head

Was the thought (or is it fear) we are in the middle of a cultural revolution.

We are in a time where we are crazily divided

There are sectional tensions and a feeling of gathering paranoia.

A feeling of not just drifting forward, but we jolting head-long–tumbling, falling, so to speak.

I woke, telling myself, I will put this out there—My thoughts need somewhere to go

A way to exhale; to stop the constant whispering at the back of my mind

So I shall write this, and let my worries, cares, and concerns dissipate

I will continue to believe in treating the earth well, the common decency of each and every person I meet, and

That common sense will bond us together. Not the squealing anger and fear

Which, randomly jumps out at us (me) now and again.

From my world to your heart,