Something Strange This Way Came—-January 9, 2018

For several days we had thousands of Canada and Snow Geese landing in the field next to our house

They were ever so much fun to watch, listen to their calls and hear the rustling of their feathers as they searched the field for corn.  (We don’t own this field)

Then, either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning — all under cover of darkness

Stick figures appeared in the field.

Of course the geese didn’t land there—thinking these represented danger

Then during the night Sunday or under cover of darkness Monday morning the figures were gone.

We think it was some avid hunters trying to get the thousands of geese to fly to whatever field they were in so ….. well, you know the rest of THAT story.


(This is an old photo, but I loved the colors)

The geese are long gone…only flying over the field, not landing.

I stand outside and call to them as they pass over-head—“You can land on our farm.  You are most welcome here!”

But they fly on.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,