Day Five— Repairing the Water Line — Thursday, March 12, 2020

Since it was another very late day, everyone was was tired.  The general consensus was if you try to fix something this late in the day, with everyone tired, it will not go well.

Terry had turned the water off already so we all headed home for a rest.

Then back early, early the next day to find the leak.

Richard ‘witched’ for the line. I found this really cool.  He let me try.  I could do it.


Then it was time to begin.

Yep, there it was. A rock…more than likely, as the boring machine head and pipe moved under the road.

It took some time…a run to the hardware store, repairing the leak, turning the water back on,

Then covering the hole; making the road perfect again,  (Once more it was getting late in the day…you can see the shadows are from the west as they work.)

Since the next day was going to be another HUGE big day — with the need to be rested and refreshed.  The work stopped for the night.

See you tomorrow when we work on the the tile line in the field!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,