The Awful Necessary Dance of Life — Monday, May 31, 2021

The day is full of such amazing, unexpected, delightful sights

Little sightings, fluttering softly on the edge of our every day

Elusive, searching, trotting here and there

A bright golden/red spot moving along — just over there

Sometimes running in a quick and fast tightly wound sprint

A blur of spun gold with a lush bushy tail. 

Time is always spent in the pursuit of food

The minutes the seconds, the hours

The pause…so still…the birds are silent


One life-giving up living for another.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Songs of Life Flicker Loud and Small, Sunday, December 1, 2019

I love feeding the birds

And watching the Canada Geese and the Sandhill Cranes creating their own gusting wind in the great blue of the sky!

If Boomer and I sit quietly then great flocks of birds come calling

Trying to rush us away so they also may peck and scratch at the tummy-warming black sunflower seeds

While out on the (now empty land) the other day, I saw a Sundog hanging silently in the sky.

It was still there, as the huge clouds built promising ‘weather’ when I came back from feeding the birds over by the equipment area.

Cold weather coming, the Sundogs say.  I like to think of them as wee little rainbows before the bitter cold.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm




Corn Dinner Pheasant Style—-Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pheasant-holes-1Terry, Boomer and I walked out to the middle field, to check on how the corn was doing.  I lugged along my yellow bucket of soaked corn.  We soak up dried corn; making it soft so the pheasants and deer will eat it instead of eating the sprouted seeds.

I missed a couple of days due to the rain and extreme mud.  That is all it took…see those holes…that is pheasant beaks pecking into the row looking for just sprouting corn.

Pheasant-holes-2This is an up close and personal hole…you can even see the little roots left after those starving pheasant cobbled up the soft corn.


Anyway…I scattered 40 pounds of nice soft corn everywhere I could see pheasant poop. It will keep them busy for two days, after which I will take more up to them.  Once the little leaves make it to the surface the pheasants will leave the corn alone.

The next worry won’t occur until the corn starts to grow an ear, then the deer come out in force…nothing yummier to deer than the corn silks.

Gabol's-QuailI saw this delightful little Gambol’s Quail when I was scattering seed.  These little birds will enjoy some soft corn also. I love hearing their calls.  Go here to hear them for yourself.

The rains are leaving today.  The earth is green and rich and lush.  The time has come for me to get busy outside again.

I hope your day is a good one!

Your friend,