The Weather Lately; Sweet, Unsettling, Enchanting—Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Amazing things can happen through difficult circumstances.  It is not the difficulty that decides the quality of your life: it is how you respond to it.”–Amy Lee Grant, Christian Gospel Singer

I am not a fan of winter.  Those dreary dark days (of very short sunlight), BUT we have been so terribly dry here for the last great while, that SNOW is an amazing blessing

We had a million, or trillion, little flakes fall down during the night the day before Christmas Eve

And more magical snow last night on Christmas Day.

Our world is enchanting.

Also dripping and melting and WET!

But I’m not complaining…I am feeling very blessed.  For if we have snow here

There is snow in the mountains.

And snow in the mountains means water next year!

Your friend on a western on a western Colorado farm