Circled Around Our Hearts —- Thursday, December 26, 2019

For our anniversary we gathered ourselves up, did all small chores we have this time of year

Then drove to Ouray, Colorado, whereby we spent the afternoon soaking in the hot springs

Then home again, home again to enjoy the heat of the woodstove, a log snapping as it fired, the flames dancing, the air drowsy with warm relaxation.

A perfect Celebratory day.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Weather Lately; Sweet, Unsettling, Enchanting—Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Amazing things can happen through difficult circumstances.  It is not the difficulty that decides the quality of your life: it is how you respond to it.”–Amy Lee Grant, Christian Gospel Singer

I am not a fan of winter.  Those dreary dark days (of very short sunlight), BUT we have been so terribly dry here for the last great while, that SNOW is an amazing blessing

We had a million, or trillion, little flakes fall down during the night the day before Christmas Eve

And more magical snow last night on Christmas Day.

Our world is enchanting.

Also dripping and melting and WET!

But I’m not complaining…I am feeling very blessed.  For if we have snow here

There is snow in the mountains.

And snow in the mountains means water next year!

Your friend on a western on a western Colorado farm


The Journey without Directions—Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Year 2017 is ending.

Bringing with it’s closing days — clear skies with very cold air.  No snow.

The moon is growing toward fullness, but for now it rises brilliant in its’ growing toward’ stage; in skys violet-black flooded with stars.

Then swings down in to the west long before morning; leaving the high vault of that bowl, which we call sky dark blue and chilled.

The soil here is dry.  Extremely dry, but works for walking on and not tracking in mud. 🙂

Cold air, brilliant sky…gradually we end this year.
A year, which begins, as all other years…a blank slate, going forward without a map, going forward into the unknown…

Grateful me– very grateful to be alive.

From my world to your heart,




open-mouthed enchantment at the

Storms Around Us—-Monday, December 26, 2016


Elaine and Bob sent us a photo of their beautiful trees all laden with snow, at their home in the Black Forest of Colorado.

And up on Grand Mesa, at the Grand Mesa Lodge, there is plenty of that white stuff to make anyone happy.


But here we have only experienced clouds, lots and lots of clouds…days and even weeks of clouds. The moisture shrouded mountains and the foothills surround us.

Still we experienced freezing rain and intermittent sleet with terrible cold and sideways winds.


Then this morning, after a night of  a slamming wind…

sunrise-gold.…the clouds broke apart and we experienced a brilliant splash of golden sunlight!

When I went to gather firewood, for the morning I breathed in the scent of chilled air and frost on the ground; I stood sill and watched the sunrise brightening the sky and the land.

From my world to your heart!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What a wonderful couple of days….full of food, family and gifts.  My brother and his wife stopped by on their way to sunny California, their car was full of gifts for us.  A complete surprise and much enjoyed.


The snow we had is melting down here, but in the mountains it looks like it is staying.  As I write this we are in another winter storm watch…Terry and I agree we will take it if it means snow in the mountains.


Our soon-to-be  daughter-in-law arrived last night from Grand Cash, Alberta, Canada for a week of visits.  She said we are much warmer here. 🙂


Hope your holidays were wonderful.  I’m off to visit your blogs now and then back to   packing up all my Christmas decorations.

We are heading toward 2013…  Boy, does time fly!