January 30, 2013

Today is my volunteer day at the Delta County Historical Society and Museum. ( I do the blog from home and other research from home, but today I go in to help.)

I’m entering a year’s worth of Obituaries in the data base for future reference. Last Wednesday was really interesting, while I was there a gentleman came in wanting to know something about a relative who ‘supposedly’ lived in Delta in 1902.

The curator gave me the task of helping solve this little mystery, which was very easy to do through the census.  On-line we also found a couple of people who are related to the same person, but the coolest part of all…….

The elusive man on the census had several borders-people who were renting rooms from him at the time of the census.  Mr. Wetzel, the curator, knew immediately where the man’s business was located — it wasn’t the El-Dina, a boarding house still in use today, but none other than the Delta House!   Delta’s First Hotel!  (I will post some photos tomorrow on both blogs.)

The relative was the second owner of the Delta House.

It’s little victories like this that make history, research, and helping others out ever so much fun.


My 4 O’clock photos show that for a small amount of time we had clearing skies and shafts of sunshine then the next storm rolled in out of Utah.


It’s snowing all around us today, but NO WIND!  I can handle cold (it is 10* right now) if the wind isn’t blowing.

Almost to February the count down is completing!