Thoughts on the ‘Art of Making Choices’—-Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Have you ever thought on the art of making choices?

Yesterday, while I worked in my yard,

In the huffing and blowing in the very warm late spring—nearly summer— wind

That silly little thought kept running around in my mind….. ‘what is the art of making choices’?  I pondered from one garden bed to another

The wind flipped my hair here and there and everywhere, little bits of soil flying into my eyes

By the time I made it to the west side of the yard, I could hear the wind in the trees down at the other house.

Gradually, the wind slowed enough I could hear the bird’s singing in the rosebushes, and high in the tops of the trees in our yard

Still, I wondered: what is the art of making choices?

Finally, I decided…there is no art.  You do the best you can do.

Every once in awhile you will make a wrong choice.  Everyone does.

But no choice is never a good thing.  With choosing ‘no choice’ we are choosing to not live, to experience, to be full and present in our lives.

From my world to your heart,



The Last Blooms of Summer—-Sunday, November 27, 2016

late-fall-flowersWhile Terry and I were out putting up the metal fences, and the electric fences around our farm yard, I happened to walk by the sheep trough I have turned into a planter.

There they were…those hardy little pansies, still blooming their little hearts out even though it’s been terribly cold.

It was a delight to see!  A touch of summer in the cooling down of late fall.

I am wishing you a most lovely day,