In the Very Brief Daylight This Time of Year —- Sunday, December 29, 2019

The days are gradually growing longer, although one really can’t tell as of yet.

With what glittering daylight we had over Christmas,

Was filled with clear and unclouded joy-sprinkled

moments in the brittle air.

Each second was spent with bursting joy

Adorning the day and into the night

A Special Christmas Cheer.

Thankfully, for a small spell, the farm was under an enchantment; full of incredible bits of time with family.

Contentment Abounded here.

From my world to your heart,



Waking in Sunbeams- Going to Sleep on Velvet Air—Wednesday, November 9, 2016

cedaredgeThe earth wakes up to each day sheathes in pinks and lavender.  The light swirls around us like fairies, lighting on each and every thing…sliding down to lift up the browns and greys of the slowly fading night.

foothiillsThen evening comes slanting the rays of sunbeams splashes rosey hues on the foothills of Grand Mesa


The dusk heighten in all the magic colors of the clouds, lighting the land in jewels:

grand-mesa-foothillsburning rubies on the foothills, deep shadows of sapphire and amethyst

sunset-1Smokey topaz, splashes of emerald trapped between burning orange and gold within the clouds

In the distance I hear early calls of the Coyotes…coyotes live forever, you understand.

sunset-on-the-pasturesTogether Boomer and I walk upon the land; listening and watching, as the air cools on velvet wings.

From my world to your heart