In the Very Brief Daylight This Time of Year —- Sunday, December 29, 2019

The days are gradually growing longer, although one really can’t tell as of yet.

With what glittering daylight we had over Christmas,

Was filled with clear and unclouded joy-sprinkled

moments in the brittle air.

Each second was spent with bursting joy

Adorning the day and into the night

A Special Christmas Cheer.

Thankfully, for a small spell, the farm was under an enchantment; full of incredible bits of time with family.

Contentment Abounded here.

From my world to your heart,



Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The day’s are shorting now…around 7:30 in the evening we head out for the last check of water for the day.


We also are monitoring the pinto beans.  The field is turning yellow, which means the pintos are now ripe and ready to be pulled.


Probably next Friday Terry will pull the pinto’s so they can start drying.

Ripe-beans-2 We will need the days to stay hot and dry once they are pulled.

(see the nasty bull thistle seeds)

(The steps for pinto bean harvest is — pull the plants and leave them lay until nice and crispy, combine the plants, which is taking the beans out of the dried plants and putting them into the hopper then the truck to be delivered to the Beanery, have the beans sacked and the sold—DONE for the year)

He is baling the new cutting of hay as I write this.  The first of second week of September will be the third cutting of the old hay field.  Dry weather needs to prevail for at least a month now. 🙂


The moon was lovely last night.


I also saw a small rainbow from the storms playing around us.


My four o’clock photo of the Daily View features my Sun dial garden… rich and lush with 4 O’clocks.  The Hummingbirds love this area!


A very contented friend, Linda