The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—I Got To GO!!!

Tuesday afternoon, after a day of work, and me just hanging around the house being bored, Dad said “Let’s go for a ride around the place…just to get a change of scenery.”

Off we went, here there and everywhere…then way over by the equipment storage area Mom’s and my 4-wheeler just stopped.  We were moving along at a decent speed and it stopped.


“It’s that CDI box,” Dad exclaimed in a very disgusted voice.  “I guess we will tow you back to the house.”


I think that was the first time I’ve ever ridden on Mom’s 4-wheeler when it didn’t make a sound.

Then the next day Mom said: “Come on, Boomer, you can go.  We have lots to do down at the other house, you might as well come along.”


Ever since last fall when I got in the wonderful wonder goo down over the hill, from the other house Mom has not let me go with her down there.  If I get to go I have the hang-out with Mom the WHOLE TIME!


So this was a huge treat!


You see Mom and Dad were cutting down the front tree stump in the yard.

4I rode in the pick-up with Mom, then I hung out in the field,



(looking for beef jerky and milk duds, but I didn’t let Mom know that.) and slept in the shade of the pick-up while my folks worked.


We worked from early morning to late afternoon.  Only coming home for lunch.


Sometimes I followed the tractor to the hollow by the Sage Brush hill.

It was a great day!  I had a marvelous time.


After Mom fed me supper I hopped into my lounge chair, just letting all the food settle  you know.  🙂


I watched the house for a long time, until gradually……………….The Old Sandman got me  ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I guess I was a little tired.