The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Rocky Chaco Man

Mom, Dad, and I were out working around the haystack yard when Mom looked up and said: “We are heading toward colder weather—sundog in the sky!”

I looked up with her and sure enough…there it was all sparkly and purdy!

Anyway…back to Rocky Chaco Man—

He has the best job…he gets to have lots of hugs and pets and pets and hugs…you see Rocky is a Reading Dog for the Mesa County Library System.

Rocky says he LOVES his job, but he HATES having to have a bath before he goes!!


But Rocky Chaco Man’s mom insists—she says little kids can be allergic to dog fur so Rocky has to be as clean as possible.

Rocky says once he gets there he doesn’t even remember the horrors of the bath. It’s all about kids and hugs from that point on.

(I agree with Rocky…baths are NOT my favorite thing!)

Boomer Beaglie Brown

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Rocky Chaco Man

Rocky Chaco Man lives with me (and Mindy, who doesn’t like the idea one bit) and Mom and Dad when my oldest sister has to go to work.

Rocky and I hang out, eat dog food, and mainly sleep lots.  He comes up in his Mom’s car and then goes home in his Mom’s car.  Sometimes Mom and I go down and get him.  This way Rocky isn’t lonely and neither am I.


Rocky is a ROCK STAR!  Although, you know that already.

He is a service dog for the Mesa County Library System.  He goes down to Orchard Mesa Library and has a wonderful time having little kids read to him.

(Rocky told me sometimes he goes to sleep.  Like really asleep, fast, snoring asleep.  But the little kids don’t mind.)

And the little kids ….  Rocky said they LOVE him.  Rocky lets them lay on him like he is a HUGE SOFT Pillow.  Sometimes the Mom’s get all strange worrying that sleeping on ROCKY would be not good.  Rocky said he didn’t understand that, he is all soft and round and has lots of nice curves the little kids can fit their heads into.

Anyway.  MY first cousin, Rocky Chaco Man Brown…is a Rock Star.  Just right for little children who need a big soft friend to read too.

Hey, Rocky…You’re my hero!