Elf Bolt, Wraith Stone, Eagle Stone, Snake Stone, NOT — Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I had just locked the gate —the one which keeps the cows on their side of the fence

Following Terry in the pick-up with our last load of cut firewood for the day,

When, I looked down, did a double-take, took out my camera

For I had found another, wee gift from the earth.

No, it was not an Elf Bolt, nor a snake stone,

Nor was it a wraith stone  (The Wraith Stone is an ancient artifact that was discovered by Amanda Evert. It was used by her to save her life when she was trapped inside a tomb in Paraíso, .— Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Nor was it an Eagle Stone 

My heart was beating fast…I flipped it over it stayed a heart.

A wonderful jolt of love from the Earth to me and to you.

From my world to your heart,