Clear Skies and Warming Up Some

The windy, sleet-filled, blustery, bitter cold storm has moved on.  The last two nights have been very cold but beautiful.  When out getting wood or checking on something the sky is a delight of twinkling stars in the deep, deep frozen sky.

The dogs always sleep in the house when it’s winter time, but Fuzzy much prefers outside in his dog house, he will open the back door and go out — I will find him there and ask him to come back in.  He always comes, but if he gets too hot out he goes again.

Boomer has very little fur so he very much enjoys the house routine.

As it warms up (at night and in the daytime) they both like being outside, as there is so MUCH to do while others sleep, you see.

I have to force them to come in, soon Fuzzy is outside and Boomer is panting at the door to be let out. (He can’t figure out how to open the door—just push Boom, just push)

Anyway, as the storm played around with our area, a gentle little rainbow glowed over our neighbors metal building.

We were lucky enough to see it!

( I hope you can see it)

I was lucky enough to have the camera ready.

The temps this morning were around 18* (at 5 A.M.).  The weather guy says we are going to have a small warm- up before the next storm comes in sometime next week.

Thank all of you for your support and also for your understanding of what a fool and a jerk that man was Sunday at Wal-Mart!



13 thoughts on “Clear Skies and Warming Up Some

  1. Wow—that rainbow is neat…. Glad you were there to see it and get a good photo.

    I’d be like Boomer… I’d be inside by the fireplace in cold weather like that. Speaking of cold weather, it was about 25 here this morning with our first large frost… Guess winter is here also!!!



  2. Brrrrrr! Your temperature gauge says it all.
    No sweat on supporting you re: previous blog.
    The less said about the “creature” the better.
    He is a “jerk” as you so rightfully have pointed out.
    Keep warm.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


  3. I saw it, we got our first snow this morning up north here. South and east of us got it last week and missed us. Now though it has all melted. Take care


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