Sunday, January 6, 2013

We warmed up yesterday just for about thirty minutes…then it dropped rapidly and we froze back up.


But for that short length of time the snow on the carport started to melt and drip off.



(You can see the two tiny drops against the background of the metal building, I hope)

I tried really hard to get a photo or two of the delightful melt, but they didn’t turn out very well…:)


Oh, well…short lived, but very enjoyed.

I hope your Sunday goes pleasantly for everyone.  Fuzzy goes in for his operation Thursday morning.  I am concerned that I’m doing the right thing…I sure hope so.



20 thoughts on “Sunday, January 6, 2013

  1. Glad you had a ‘tad’ of melting, Linda. BUT—didn’t it just freeze back up –and cause ice problems???? We thought we would get some rain or snow last night –but it missed us totally. AND–even though it’s chilly outside, the ole sunshine is trying to pop out…. Think we have an upcoming week of milder weather.

    Have a beautiful Sunday.
    Please keep us posted about Fuzzy.


  2. I see the drips! I don’t live in snow so I can only imagine that it’s a pain, but it sure is pretty. I will think healing thoughts for Fuzzy this week.


  3. Fuzzy will be fine and you can’t control what you can’t control. You made the decision you think is best and must go with that feeling. Glad you warmed up for a little while anyway!


  4. My thoughts will be with Fuzzy. I hope Boomer has a happy update for us next week! ‘Their’ posts are one of the best things about Fridays!


  5. So do you get a type of chinook there? We can get nice mild spells and lose quite a bit of snow. It’s really nice to get the mild breaks.


  6. You got a tiny taste of Spring!!? Too bad it was so short-lived. I think you have made the right decision about Fuzzy, Linda. If there is any chance he can be relieved of the pain, that is what needs to be done. Will keep you and him in my prayers.



  7. Linda, I am so sorry to read that Fuzzy is ill. I must have missed a post. Do the vet’s know what is causing this illness? Please keep us posted and give dear Fuzzy a hug and nuzzle from Winslow Homer and me. Keeping you in my thoought’s, Julie. Ten extra minutes of daylight and the temperature reached forty degrees!


  8. Yes, I could see the drops of melting! And I understand the happiness such a sight brings,

    This below zero stuff is just yuk! It happens every year and is one of my least favorite parts of winter. My poor little car froze solid and I had to use a heater to warm up the engine hood so I could open it to jump the battery. Double digit above zero today–YAY!

    Magic thoughts and best wishes for Fuzzy. The vet will most likely be able to make his life much more comfortable with the removal of that nasty cyst.


  9. I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday – Fuzzy knows he can trust your decisions, and if you worry, he’ll pick it up, and be anxious too – give a tickle on his tummy from all his admirers!.


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