The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Going for a Walk

I’m doing better, Thank you all for your magic thoughts!

Walk-3I even am able to go for walks with my humans and with Boomer.


We saw Freddy Fox on the walk


and I even RAN a little bit and barked with Boomer.  Freddy yellowed/baked back at us.



We are still cold… the days are warming up to around 22* but very quickly sliding back down.  As soon as it hits 22* Mom has us out the door and heading out for a walk.  She said 22* feels almost balmy.


(I think she is sick or something…22* is, well 22* and that is cold!)


Boomer has to wear his coat whenever he is outside, but I have two coats already built in so I never have to wear a coat.

Coat1Mom has been told that I look like a cross between a Border collie and a Sheltie, because of my fur.  My personality, it the best of both breeds, even if I do say so myself!’!


(Mom agrees with me, Boomer says whatever I am I’m just the bestest ever.  I really like Boomer!)


Anyway, here is what the shadows look like around 2-3 in the afternoon


and then what they look like when

4-ocMom takes her 4 o’clock photo.

The Last day of December our Day length was 9 hours and 30 minutes. Today, January 4, 2013 the day length is 9 hours and 33 minutes…we have increase by THREE WHOLE MINUTES!!!! YIPPEE!!  The sun gets up at 7:31 and goes to sleep at 5:03.  The real noon (Solar noon) is 12:17.

Here is the temperatures at 6 in the morning


The after the sun gets up at 8 in the morning

8My operation date has changed, but we will keep you informed as Mom, Boomer and I really appreciate your Magic Thoughts!

Thank you so much,


Fuzzy Doddle McDoodle “Dude” Brown

25 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Going for a Walk

  1. You two are the best! Mom was gonna sew booties did she? Fuzzy, keep us posted on your surgery and we will hope for a speedy recovery for sure!


  2. Gosh—I don’t think I have EVER experienced minus 10 degrees… When it gets down to Plus 10 here, we think we are FRIGID… We did get down into the teens here last night –but it has warmed up to about 30 now, balmy as you say!!!!! ha

    Glad you are doing better, Fuzzy…. AND—that is sweet that Boomer loves you regardless. I put the sweetest doggie video on Facebook this morning… Watch it when you get a chance… The whole family will love it!!!!

    Have a great day –and stay WARM.


  3. We are all so happy that you feel better Fuzzy. We think it’s wonderful that you sometimes get to talk to Freddy Fox. We yelled at coyotes last night. They were singing at each other from 3 different directions and Mom was not happy. So she lets us bark and roar.
    We try to sound really big and fierce. So far it has worked.
    Keep us posted on your surgery date Fuzzy. We will keep sending magic thoughts.
    Boomer, you are such a good fellow to take such good care of your buddy. We know it makes him feel better to have such a good friend.
    Gus and Pickles.


  4. It’s good that you are feeling better, Fuzzy. Please tell your mom that Linda from Oklahoma really likes the pictures from two different times on the same day!!! Have fun!!


  5. I am SO PLeased! All is well again and how fabulous to be off for a walk in the snow.. you guys are much colder than we are.. though 22 is a nice temp really.. but 40 would be better.. c


  6. Oh dear Fuzzy, sorry to hear that you will need an operation. I am just catching up after a busy Christmas. Sending you very best wishes for your operation when it happens and a very speedy and full recovery. Take care now.


  7. Fuzzy,

    I’m ever so glad to hear that you were feeling up to taking a walk. They are the most fun ever. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and good wishes for your surgery and speedy recovery.



  8. Sending more magic thoughts your way, Fuzzy. I’m glad Boomer has a coat to wear in this super-cold weather. Very, very cold here, too. Couldn’t get my car to start yesterday and then discovered the engine hood was frozen shut so I had to thaw it out before I could jump start the car. Where was hubby during all this? Ice fishing!!? Weirdo. But he brought back his limit.


  9. Fuzzy, I am sooooo glad you are doing better!!! Will pray that you continue to improve. You are a VERY handsome Fuzzy…love your fur coat. Also like Boomer’s winter coat, that should keep him warm. Keep having fun with Freddie!

    It is pretty cold up there. Glad it is not that cold here or Lucky would never leave her heated bed!!
    Hope it gets warmer soon.



  10. Best of Luck sending out a prayer and man you have to get inside 🙂 Boy JT is so spoiled lol out 3 min and back in 🙂
    Eunice and JT send Hugs and Kisses


  11. What’s wrong with little Fuzzy? I hope things go well! I am so far behind with you AGAIN! I am constantly playing catch-up! 🙂 Gosh, it’s 34 degrees here today and was in the teens last night and our heater is acting up. I am freezing! Looking at your pictures I can only hope you have a good heater!


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