The Gift of a Dancing Child—-Thursday, May 17, 2018

There is nothing like having the visit of a grandchild…

They bring back those things you have forgotten how to do

That shining, excited, gaiety…which lives in motion in youth.

Then it was time to leave us and go spend the weekend with Aunt Kimi and Uncle Cliff….bouncing, bouncing all the way.

From our world to your heart,

Linda Brown


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Mom Said

Barking-All-NightAUGHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Fuzzy took us outside!  To sleep, I mean.  I go in and out as I please but for sleeping I much prefer INSIDE, unless, of course, yes…THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON OUTSIDE!!!

Fuzzy said we have to go!

I said………. “Oh, please NO I love hanging out in the house!”

Fuzzy told me I needed to toughen up as our job is protecting the property…grudgingly I said… “Okay…”


So out we went.

Mom said if it rains or snows we are always invited back inside…I’ll be sure and remind her!!!

We’ve always got lots to do—


Now that the cows are gone our cousins can come over and walk with Fuzzy and I on the farm.


Sam hangs out with us, lots!  Sam and I love, LOVE, to roll in the dirt…see this dirty cat walking by, that’s Sam.  I get so full of dirt that the groomer says she is always surprised at how dirty I really am.  She says Fuzzy is never really dirt.


I’m not dirty…I just enjoy rolling on the grass!


The Raccoons keep on coming by…MOM SAID this is NOT good.  Raccoons love to eat trash (although, our trash is so they can’t eat it) and they really like a good chicken dinner.


(All of our chickens are locked up at night, tighter than a fist, so they are safe—Mom said.)

And they are mean!


Mom said:  “You boys have GOT to get your raccoon friends out of the yard and on to other pastures…you need to send them to the upper end.

You know what….THAT IS A BLAST!  Fuzzy and I are working really hard to get these rascals on out of here and up to the upper end.

We do have to be careful, because raccoons are mean…they will turn around attack if they want too…but so far we have it figured out….start running toward them barking, they head to corrals, by that time Dad is outside and Mom is right behind…when they come out they turn on the big yard lights, which scare the raccoons.

Five days now and no raccoons, which is good, once the corn gets to growing we won’t have them in the yard!


Yesterday, Mom came out the door, hollered “Let’s go” and off we went.  Going to town is always a cool treat!  Sometimes we get concerned that going to town means:

  • The Groomer
  • The Vet
  • Or some other thing we won’t like

But most of the time it just means GOING TO TOWN!


After we got home, Mom said: “You boys can come on it, I need to work on some stuff upstairs and you might as well help”, we thought it was a very good idea.


We are great helpers and we always do what Mom Says!