The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Day Care

Fuzzy and I have started a Day Care. Well, really I have.  Not by choice! But by necessity! We had to figure out what to do with these little cousins that are spending ten days and ten nights with us!

What a job!

These are HOUSE DOGS!!!!



(This is Bella)

I guess from their size you can see why.


(This is Zooker)

BabysittingFuzzy told Mom, “NO WAY! I’ll back up Boomer, if he gets in trouble, but other than that I just sit in my dog house or go on walks with all of you and watch what happens.”

But I love Mom, so I said I would.


(Zooker had to have a belly band…the boy dog thing -you understand)

Day-careIt hasn’t been so bad—Zooker sleeps with me, when I’m in the house, and when they are outside Zookie goes wherever I go.

Come-on-Bella-FOXSo does Bells, BUT

Bella….now Bella is a whole other story…Bella has to be on a leash because…BECAUSE SHE RUNS OFF!

Boy can she run fast!!!

Took Mom 30 minutes to catch her one day….Bella would run a short ways, stop, wait for Mom to get there, run off really fast…Mom was NOT a happy camper when Bella finally LET Mom catch her.

So now Bella lives on a long rope when she is outside.

We go for lots and lots of walks, because Bella is so HIGH ENERGY…makes even me tired.  Bella seems to always be in motion.

When she crashes she likes to crash on Mom.

When Zooker crashes he likes to lay on Dad if he can’t lay on me.



Sam the cat, and

Actually-outsideMonkey the cat, all think I’m messed up.  But, I love Mom and Dad and so I head up the Day Care for teeny bitty little house dogs! (While Fuzzy guards the place)

Mom is outside all the time now.  The rule is—if Mom is outside we ALL have to be outside, even MONKEY…tee hee.  (Who never wants to be outside.)

“Fresh air is good for you,” Mom says as she brings Monkey out the door with her.

Mom has also moved Fuzz and me outside at night.


Because of Freddy the Fox!


Freddy is getting way to close to the hen house.  Yes, the hens are locked up at night, and they have a top on their pen, but Foxes are very clever.


Now Fuzzy and I have another job….keep the fox out of the yard!


We take this very seriously!  It’s a job Fuzzy says he likes and what he was born for…he says I can be a babysitter if I want, but HE is a GUARD Dog and is going to stay that way.


Mom says…4.5 more days to go….Bella and Zookie say:  “But we really like it HERE!”

I tell them they will be really happy to see their Dad again and do all the stuff they get to do with their Dad.

Zookie looks at me with tender love in his eyes and then sighs a great deal and tells me he WILL be glad when Dad gets home.

Bella?  Well, Bella says she will enjoy having Dad back, but being here has


I guess I run and pretty good Day Care.




20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Day Care

  1. Boomer, you must be extremely busy now with both a day care and guard duty. When do you get any sleep? I’m glad Fuzzy is helping with both of your projects, and I know Mom is happy you are doing such a good job.


  2. Goodness, Don’t let the area where you live know that you are running a DAYCARE there, or else you will have more company… Holy Cow—good luck to you. I would never want to do that. Whose dogs are those???? They are cute though… Guess Fuzzy and Boomer did okay with that company demanding Mom’s attention….

    Hope the fox stays FAR FAR away.


  3. Wow! Boomer, that looks like fun for Zookeeper and Bella. Bella sounds like she’s a busy dog. I’ve never been to doggie daycare. I’m not sure I’d like it. I like hanging out with my mom all the time. Love Nessa


  4. Boom, tell your momma that I call tiny house dogs, “Dog-like animals”. I don’t want to have a dog that a fox or a coyote can carry off. I’m glad you’re being good to them though. It would be just as easy to make their lives miserable. I guess if you did that, then you would be making mom’s life miserable too.


  5. Sounds like we both had day cares this week, though I only had one extra, I put him on a diet because he said he was too fat, also his food was better.I am sure you guys did not put your guests on a diet.. your extras sound like a handful. Tell Fuzzy that the Big Dog caught a rabbit yesterday and then ATE IT! eeeooo we all said . all he left was a bit of fur. He was born to guard too ..Love from TonTon the BonBon. c


  6. LOvely one LInda.
    I bet the little ones are having a blast! They get bored with the same old thing when they’re so bright and intelligent…
    Hope your fierce guard dogs keep the fox at bay…


  7. What was Mark Twain’s saying about company and fish – after three days, they both start to smell? It applies to doggie cousins, too…
    Sweet Cleo could use some help chasing off the wild turkeys (there are 11 this year) if Fuzzy wants to take a vacation up at our place!


  8. Wow! You guys are really busy! It’s really nice of you to share your bed, Boomer. Sometimes Cat wants to share mine and it makes me really nervous!
    I haven’t ever seen a fox. I see coyotes sometimes though, and hear them sing too. Sometimes I sing back.
    Do you guys have to wait for the ditch water before you can play in the water? Pickles and I have been swimming in the river! I swim. Pickles just wades. It’s fun!



  9. Boomer… I saw a show on Animal Planet this afternoon about 5 Beagle puppies. They were cute but I thought about you!! I learned that Beagles have 4 times the smelling power of us humans. wow, that’s really good. No wonder you can tell what has been messing around in your yard!! Keep up the good work!!


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