July 1, 2013

HAPPY CANADA DAY, to all of my Canadian readers out there!

We were a shade cooler yesterday it only got up to 97*.  97* sounds hot, but not as hot as 105*.  It actually felt cooler, once in awhile a cloud would skuddle across the sun giving us a sun break while it was there.

The clouds would randomly look like a few drops of rain might fall, but didn’t.  This time of year we have to worry about hail…hail is NOT something you want ever, but to have hail now would strip the leaves from all the growing corn and pinto beans.  That would be the end of the crops.  Therefore, we watch the sky and pray for rain and wish hail away.

So far we have NOT had hail, which is wonderful.

They are saying this intense heat (which is terribly abnormal) is here for at least another week, the cooling ocean breezes that would move the stagnate air is also stagnated off the west coast…so we wait.


A little gift from the heavens last night was a slight rainbow.

The promise of hope!



12 thoughts on “July 1, 2013

  1. I do hope that the weather in your part of the world stays right for farming Linda. I know only too well that inclement weather can be devastating. We had terrible floods last year and they destroyed so much and sent the feed prices rocketing over the winter. I do enjoy reading your blog about farming over there – oh and happy Canada Day to you all.


  2. Below 90 is better with some cooling rains for you all. After the horible fire with so much loss of life and us discussing the need to pick up dead and decaying debris really was on my mind. We hamped two winters where the AZ fire was and each night I burned the debris I found I went out by van and loaded with junk that was so dry and on nights with no stiff winds we would have a slow wonderful fire to warm us at the desert floor gets cold enough to snow in Dec and Jan. Take care of yourselves out there


  3. Your last few rainbow shots are beautiful. They never seem to lose their power, do they? I am saddened by the logging story…about the change in the “ways” things are done. I’m sure they have their reasons, as you stated, but it is hard to watch the trees die…very hard. They, like rainbows, seem so powerfully good for us.


  4. Have you ever ‘wished’ for hail????? ha ha Me neither—BUT if we had have had a Hail Storm here this year, we wouldn’t be paying $8000 for a new roof… Insurance would have paid for it since that is how people manage to get new roofs…. Oh Well…. Guess I should be glad we don’t have any hail!!!!

    Can’t believe it is July 1st… Where did June go? Our June was fairly mild. Hope July is the same–but I’ll bet it won’t be… ha

    Have a great day.


  5. Thanks for the greetings. It’s 81 here today and I’m just no good . It’s far too hot. I do get used to it after a while.


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