Sunday, September 15, 2013

WetMore flash flooding is predicted for our part of Western Colorado.

Although, we are NOT getting what the Boulder, Colorado Springs, Longmont, and Greeley area are having. (They are in the Corridor of our State)  Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in those flood damaged areas. 😦

slimeOur rain puddles are starting to grow slime


Even the trees are showing signs of moss


We are so wet it is hard to find a spot to walk without sinking up to your ankles.


An old-timer called this the ‘100-year rain’.


This morning we had some scattering of blue skies


Just seeing the blue made me happy.


Last night there was also a break in the clouds


The sunlight was outstanding! It caught the rim of Black Canyon.  You can’t see the other mountains behind Black Canyon because the clouds have them covered.


The sunlight also produced a rainbow


Rainbows always make me think of hope.


According to the weather channel today is the last horrible day of torrential rain, then the slow moving storm will move on…which means it will move toward the east possibly hitting Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and/or parts of Texas, it just depends on the the jet stream.  I sure hope you don’t get the floods, but lots of really nice ground soaking rain. 🙂

Rain-5I hope your Sunday turns out well my friends,



19 thoughts on “Sunday, September 15, 2013

  1. My friend Ellie is in Bolder Col, and she has just told me about all the bad weather. I have seen it on tv but its not the same as being there..Ellie says that there are copterd flying back and forth and roads have disappeared..however , althoughshe is a bit wet and damp she is managing to cope. I fear for her as she lives in a mobile home and they are not built for this type of weather.
    So wherever you are in the Usa…l pray that you will be safe


  2. I’m sure some farmers in Boulder, Weld, Larimer and other counties have lost their crops for this year. Its very sad…lots of homes ruined and insurance won’t pay for water damage that comes in to the house.


  3. Praying for all of those who are suffering out in your state glad you only have puddles. I have had three of those 100 year rains so be careful/ My lake here in NH is a pond now hope it is soon back to being just a river.


  4. Glad you are getting the rain —and even more glad that you are not flooding like the Boulder and Estes Park area… That is so sad…. BUT–at least, getting alot of rain should help with your water situation next year!!!

    Beautiful photos –especially the rainbow. I too love rainbows.



  5. Sure wish we could get some of that rain up towards Cedaredge. We’ve been getting sprinkles and that’s all. Every time it looks like it might be coming our way, it sways off to the side. Always interesting to see how different the weather can be in two places that are in “eyeshot” of each other!


    • That is so interesting. It looks like you are having rain, in fact at one point Terry and I wondered if there was snow on Grand Mesa.

      Well, maybe when this leaves us you will get some of it!



  6. I’m glad to see everything is ok where you are. The other areas you mentioned were shown on the news this evening. I can’t imagine what that is like.


  7. That sun breaking through at the end is a welcome sight. Our kids evacuated one day and night and were able to go home (w/o electricity) the next day. Their house is OK. and electric back etc… …What a mess the front range has though…so much cleanup to do, but that can and will be handled.eventually. My heart breaks for the stranded and missing people. And for the towns of Lyons and Estes Park which we love and have visited so often.


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