In a Roar of Rolling Thunder —- Monday, June 25, 2019

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(Photo by the Ute Trails Car Club)

The Ute Trails Car Club met at Hotchkiss City Market yesterday at noon, for a cruise to Hermit’s Rest on the Crawford side of the Black Canyon

Right at noon, we all headed out…it was impressive to hear the cars come to life and to watch the cars in front of us leading the way to the meeting site.

The place was cool/cold, but stunning in its beauty

Although, the air stopped just short of being visible while one talked

(Photo by the Ute Trails Car Club)

the company we were keeping was light, happy and warm

It’s at places like this one knows we truly live in the Rocky Mountains.

Anyway head on over the FaceBook page to see more photos

(Photo by the Ute Trails Car Club)

They got many wonderful photos of everyone’s car and activities.

And if anyone lives in the area of Delta or Montrose county and has a cool collector car you are welcome to join.  It only costs $10, no matter how many cars you own.  And there are really neat things to do.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





A Little Bit Every Day—-Tuesday, December 8, 2015

15 Going for our daily walk, Boomer, Monkey the cat, and Sam-Sam our old cat, watched the night slowly come in….spreading it’s wings of brilliant color on the Paonia Mountains,

17Brushing Grand Mesa with broad strokes of rose, and orange and a different shade of pink.Sky-6

The mountains and the Black Canyon around Montrose and Gunnison lite up in vast amounts of the same color.

The cold silence of darkness descended—darkness is coming faster and faster every day.   Spreading night into the dips and hallows, filling in the rows of still standing corn, while the stars burn brighter and brighter as the evening gloaming grows stronger.

We walked to small point on the land where I can look over the tops of the corn to the south, west and north…enjoying the stunning vista.  A small rises where the plateaus fall away below us, and we can see beyond our mesa, and beyond the Rubidoux Canyon into the next Canyons and the flat lands and more knobs and knolls, into a blue distance, hazed with the breath of the desert.  (Looking toward Grand Junction, Colorado)

Turning around to the east the land is flat, devoid of corn crops, whereby the sunset was busy splashing masses of color on all the mountains.

Only a few more days [now] until December 21st and the winter Solstice!   At 9:49 p.m. here in our part of the world.

Sky-3I can’t tell you HOW READY I am!!!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Sunday, September 15, 2013

WetMore flash flooding is predicted for our part of Western Colorado.

Although, we are NOT getting what the Boulder, Colorado Springs, Longmont, and Greeley area are having. (They are in the Corridor of our State)  Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in those flood damaged areas. 😦

slimeOur rain puddles are starting to grow slime


Even the trees are showing signs of moss


We are so wet it is hard to find a spot to walk without sinking up to your ankles.


An old-timer called this the ‘100-year rain’.


This morning we had some scattering of blue skies


Just seeing the blue made me happy.


Last night there was also a break in the clouds


The sunlight was outstanding! It caught the rim of Black Canyon.  You can’t see the other mountains behind Black Canyon because the clouds have them covered.


The sunlight also produced a rainbow


Rainbows always make me think of hope.


According to the weather channel today is the last horrible day of torrential rain, then the slow moving storm will move on…which means it will move toward the east possibly hitting Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and/or parts of Texas, it just depends on the the jet stream.  I sure hope you don’t get the floods, but lots of really nice ground soaking rain. 🙂

Rain-5I hope your Sunday turns out well my friends,



Here is Where it all Begins and Ends


On Thursday or Friday of this week our irrigation water will be turned off. 

No longer will irrigation water from the Gunnison River flow through our canal on its way to California.


The canal will dry up and stay empty until next spring…the last week in March.

I am showing you pictures of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. 40 miles from our farm.


This is the canal that diverts the allotted portion of the Gunnison river into canals for irrigation and drinking water.

This canal is so large a grain truck can sit in the bottom of the canal and there is still several more feet to the top.  Lots of water flows through here. Lots of water.

I actually like this incredibly dangerous and frightening water.  I enjoy knowing the life that it brings to the land.  And I like drinking it too 🙂


Black Canyon


Kath and Daryl  stopped by on their way home to South Dakota, and I must say what a great time we had.

Terry took us to the Black Canyon; then they came and looked over the farm and the farm equipment.

Terry got to ride in the semi and I got take a peak inside the home-away-from-home a long-distance trucker has.

How much fun to get to meet face to face with friends we have made through this amazing blogging world!

If any of you are coming our way, please stop and visit.