The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— What Mom Knows, Friday, September 25, 2020

Because of an amazing, generous gift, from an Oklahoma Farm Girl

(I cried when I opened the card, I am still so humble and grateful)

I was able to take Boomer to a specialist

Where, upon I learned —

The devastating news

That Boomer has liver disease

Not any of those other things: Nose fungus, pneumonia, tumor in the nose, something stuck in his nose, not a nose anything.

Which is so frustrating because I did have X-rays taken, but was told they were inconclusive  

Strangely the X-rays taken this time, showed ME the very large, expanded liver, his chest and everything else x-rayed.

I bawled.

Here I thought I was doing everything right.

Even the prednisone was damaging the already damaged liver.

I didn’t know. 

I really didn’t know.  

So, now you know.

And now I know.

He is on medication to clear up an infection.  Also, one to help the liver digest better.

Other than that—– What we have left is time. One day at a time—time.

Of which, I plan to make the most of.

Oklahoma Farm Ladythank you ever so much.

My heart is full and breaking.

You gave to me Boomer and his family a lovely gift of Time—one day at a time.

And for THAT We all Thank you!

From my heart to your heart, each and every one of you, Dear Readers,


The Alamo, The Steps We Take to Growing Up, January 16, 2014

AlamoMy Momma was a Texas girl raised in New Mexico.  Her Momma, My Love Grammy, and all her sisters and brothers were born in Texas and still lived in Texas. (Except for Gram and Lois).  My Grandfather was also a Texas boy, although born in the last land rush of Oklahoma, but raised in Texas.

Every year of my growing up we went to Texas for part of the summer. The year Walt Disney produced the movie DAVY CROCKETT it was smitten with the history of the Alamo.      I wanted to go!  I begged and asked, and probably whined…in general I was probably very irritating.

My wonderful great aunts and my hero great uncle Fred and my fun great Aunt Marie (we stayed with them at their ranch in Junction, Texas) told my parents they would take us to San Antonio to see the Alamo.

From: Junction, TX To: San Antonio, TX

(Google maps)

So we all dressed up (back then all women wore hands, gloves, and hose, even little girls had gloves and hats) got in Fred’s big car and made the almost two hour trip to the ALAMO!!!  I was soooooooooo excited.

Not only was I going to get to see the Alamo, but I was going to get to see a real picture of Davy Crockett!  Of course it didn’t enter my mind that the REAL Davy Crockett wasn’t the same as Fess Parker.  I just knew he was going to look just as daring and handsome and wonderful as Walt Disney could ever portray him!

There a many things I remember about that trip…how hot it was.  How old the Alamo looked, the many displays of the battle…being allowed to stand and stare all I wanted at whatever I was interested in…and how UNLIKE Fess Parker looked like the REAL Davy Crockett. (I laugh about that now.)

It was the ‘opening of my eyes’ that if you see it in the movies…it just might not ALL be true.  It also told me that history really was a real thing and even today you can make it come alive.  I think this was the step that turned me toward studies of history and genealogy.

Momma gave me this photo when I was about twelve.  I’ve kept it ever since…just to remember the Alamo!

Your friend,





Sunday, September 15, 2013

WetMore flash flooding is predicted for our part of Western Colorado.

Although, we are NOT getting what the Boulder, Colorado Springs, Longmont, and Greeley area are having. (They are in the Corridor of our State)  Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in those flood damaged areas. 😦

slimeOur rain puddles are starting to grow slime


Even the trees are showing signs of moss


We are so wet it is hard to find a spot to walk without sinking up to your ankles.


An old-timer called this the ‘100-year rain’.


This morning we had some scattering of blue skies


Just seeing the blue made me happy.


Last night there was also a break in the clouds


The sunlight was outstanding! It caught the rim of Black Canyon.  You can’t see the other mountains behind Black Canyon because the clouds have them covered.


The sunlight also produced a rainbow


Rainbows always make me think of hope.


According to the weather channel today is the last horrible day of torrential rain, then the slow moving storm will move on…which means it will move toward the east possibly hitting Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and/or parts of Texas, it just depends on the the jet stream.  I sure hope you don’t get the floods, but lots of really nice ground soaking rain. 🙂

Rain-5I hope your Sunday turns out well my friends,