Whirl-Wind Daze — Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thursday we took off…The lives of the kids packed into a van, the wood hauler pick-up, and our pick-up and horse trailer…moving from one life to the next.  It took us a little over three hours to reach their new home.

ArrivedThe house is perfect!Hank-and-the-new-house  Fits all the requirements of a growing family.

ThereLucky, lucky us…Bladen and Linkin decided they were coming back to spend 9 or ten days with us! Linkin’s BFF rode up with Linkin so she got to come back and spend the night with us, also!

Terry’s sister and brother-in-law were also moving this same day. They were leaving Greeley, Colorado; heading on down to Prescott, Arizona.  Arrangements were made to meet them in Grand Junction, Colorado as they (and Us) passed through.

FamilyThe nice thing for them (and for all of us) is they had Terry’s Great Niece (their granddaughter) with them!

Terry-and-Sophie-LoveSophia LOVES her Great Uncle!

Terry-and-Sophie (The feeling is mutual!)

CousinsCousins and a BFF!  (They had a most delightful, giggly time!)

Danny-and-CloudyThe next morning my brother and his wife arrived to spend two days with us!

Then yesterday we had a date with our son to go four-wheeling on the Uncompahgre Plateau up at Lee’s Reservoir.  Every night we’ve gotten to bed at mid-night. (How can you stop enjoying family when you don’t get to see them very much?)


Today I must, MUST, get all of us organized and into some sort of routine.


But……………first we must have a little time for play, then second we will do chores…

Snowball(Snowball the bunny)

Third we may take a nap…or Not!

Thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement and care for us! (Me)

We are moving forward into this new way of being!

I appreciate your friendship,








Sunday, September 15, 2013

WetMore flash flooding is predicted for our part of Western Colorado.

Although, we are NOT getting what the Boulder, Colorado Springs, Longmont, and Greeley area are having. (They are in the Corridor of our State)  Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in those flood damaged areas. 😦

slimeOur rain puddles are starting to grow slime


Even the trees are showing signs of moss


We are so wet it is hard to find a spot to walk without sinking up to your ankles.


An old-timer called this the ‘100-year rain’.


This morning we had some scattering of blue skies


Just seeing the blue made me happy.


Last night there was also a break in the clouds


The sunlight was outstanding! It caught the rim of Black Canyon.  You can’t see the other mountains behind Black Canyon because the clouds have them covered.


The sunlight also produced a rainbow


Rainbows always make me think of hope.


According to the weather channel today is the last horrible day of torrential rain, then the slow moving storm will move on…which means it will move toward the east possibly hitting Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and/or parts of Texas, it just depends on the the jet stream.  I sure hope you don’t get the floods, but lots of really nice ground soaking rain. 🙂

Rain-5I hope your Sunday turns out well my friends,