Socked in- Sunday, September 28, 2014

A HUGE rain storm rolled in last night complete with rolling thunder and stunning flashes of lightening.  By 9:00 in the evening we were wet.  The rain hasn’t let up since the storm rolled in.  On one hand the lovely drenching of all the parched and dried spots in the lawns and fields is a very good thing—on the other hand not so lovely.  It’s harvest here.  Not for us.  We have finished our harvest of the two first crops and are waiting for the corn to dry down before we start the third and last crop –corn.


There are others, neighbors and friends, who are in the middle of onion harvest, or their pinto bean harvest, or getting in the last cutting of alfalfa turned hay.

Moisture like this is not good for harvest.  😦

TSThis weekend found us in Craig, Colorado, to watch our grandson play Middle School football and take

FriendsEllie up to play with Linky for a spell.  Of course, we also got to enjoy the little Cowgirl and her REAL Cowgirl girl friends.

Tri-StateCraig is home to Tri-State Generation plant.  My Dad worked at the station right after it was built- until he retired.  Daddy started work for Colorado Ute—now Tri-State–at the Hayden plant, then was promoted to this plant right after it was built.

My parents moved to Hayden, Colorado, the year I was pregnant with Evan. They stayed they for over twenty years, Daddy retiring from Colorado Ute (Tri-State) and Momma retiring form Peabody Coal.

It’s sort of ironic that our youngest daughter and her family are now back in the Moffat/Routt County area don’t you agree?

Paonia-MountainsAnyway we are back to a decidedly very wet fall day.  It has the feel of a huge weather switch coming…I wonder if a killing frost will follow all this moisture; I would not be surprised.

It’s all most October…a killing frost is just around the corner, if not imminent.

Your friend on a farm,



15 thoughts on “Socked in- Sunday, September 28, 2014

  1. Oh my, just checked AccuWeather and you guys are really getting rain – just send it over here! Really, we need it 🙂 Things have really dried out here. Yes, ironic – glad you got to spend some time with the family. A good thing! Have a beautiful Sunday – pie baking time???


  2. I wouldn’t mind at all if you sent some of your rain our way. We are really dry here. I’m glad you got to go up and spend some time with your grandchildren. It is interesting how parts of your family have now come full circle.


  3. Oh My—send that rain to US. We are dryer than dry…. The leaves are dying and just falling… Darn!!!

    I wondered when you and Terry would go and see the kids… Glad you got to go –and even see a game… Neat!!!

    How are the kids/grands doing in their new home/surroundings???


  4. Here’s hoping the frost stays away & you & your neighbours get all the harvest safely gathered in! Totally agree how strange it is that certain areas become pivotal for families, over the generations we seem to revolve around them no matter what! Glad you got to spend some time with the grand kids 🙂 have a great week, Helen


  5. Really sorry to hear about all the rain. Might be all the fires causing it.
    It’s a small world, with your youngest moving where you grew up.
    Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  6. I wish the weather could always be perfect for harvest time. Lovely sky! Glad you got to see the family. That is interesting the family came full circle.


  7. I love that last picture. You can send some of that rain our way, we are actually starting to get a little too dry for my liking. Sure hope you get the dry weather you need so, at least you can get your corn harvested.


  8. Not good timing for rain for you all at all. I think here most things are done except for the sugar beets but then I don’t know if corn is in back east or not. So glad you got to go see the kids and you are right kind of ironic that they are back where you all began!


  9. Rain seldom seems to have good timing or to know when it is wanted, but if you get a chance to talk to it, tell it that we would welcome it here.


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