Underneath the Changing Season —- Tuesday, September 28, 2021

There is a quietness descending on the land now,

You can feel it as we finish up the summer work

There is a dreamy, wistful feel about the land, the sky, the air, everywhere

You can see it in the gathering colors of the plants, glittering here and there

It’s a dreamy, rather suspended feeling

The sun moving toward the southern part of the sky

The smoke from the fires lessening

The gradually falling leaves confirm….an

The icy winter storms are lurking there…just there. Waiting to become more.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




A Very Scary Situation—Thursday, September 28, 2017

After that awful announcement of the Equifax Data Breach 

I thought maybe I had better get my once a year credit reports.

Looking through them I saw in April 11, 15, 27, 29 2017 someone tried to open an account with Capital One!

Talk about scared!!!

I called LifeLock and reported this (I have LifeLock) and then called Capitol One

To make for a very long story, with lots of long, long minutes waiting on the phone line!

I’m happy to announce everything is okay today!

Now if there are those of you who wish to take Equifax up on their new offer…

The waits are terribly long, enough so your phone will actually click you off.  And, you might not get through…I never did.


Anyway…moving forward,



A Silence Most Deafening—Wednesday, September 28, 2016

aspen-leavesMy brother and I grew up on an orchard, I think I’ve told you that before.  It was within the the orchard I learned to love solitude– of being surrounded by things called nature.

jagged-mountainsOften times I would take myself out into the orchards and lay down (sometimes in the ditches), totally oblivious of getting weeds and leaves in my hair or stuck to my clothes;  stare up into the leaves of the trees–the sight more beautiful than any photograph could ever be.

owl-creek-pass-023Spring, winter, summer, fall I was washed with sunlight, starlight and the beams of the moon.

owl-creek-pass-near-ridgwayI told you this story, because I guess I need to confess, I’m tired anymore.  I’ve taken two rather bad tumbles lately, one on the ditch bank, where I actually fell quiet flat on my back and probably would have made a great clip for America’s Funniest Home Videos.   And yesterday, when I slid sideways, throwing myself completely flat on my right side, my head hanging down into the little creek at the bottom of the slight hill.

I was on a trail in the Old Apricot Orchard— checking fences, so Romeo (Shannon’s) horse couldn’t get out.   I laid there looking up at the sky, weeds and grasses way over my head–fat bees buzzed nearby, a drove of  gnats swarmed overhead, and a ladybug stopped dead in her tracks, on a blade of grass, to see what fell into her perfect little world.

owl-creek-pass-036Laying there caused me to remember those carefree days of willfully lying down amongst the plant life as a child.

silver-jack-reservoirThis morning Terry confessed he was very tired also. “We are getting old,” he sadly said. “We just can’t work like we use to do.” 

on-the-silver-jack-reservoi“Maybe we ARE old”, I replied.  “But, maybe, just maybe, what we really need is a break from work.  Maybe what we need is to do something so different our minds and bodies can rest.”

“A min-vacation!” Terry exclaimed.  “But first—there is the pinto bean harvest to get through!”  Which gave us a good laugh.

Work first…always.

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm






Scenes of Fall, Monday, September 28, 2015

DustWe have finished with the pinto beans. Cleaned up the truck and the combines putting them to bed for…well, forever.

Today we start hauling dirt from the settling ponds..

Fall-2Sometimes we haul the dirt in the spring, but this year Terry wants to do it in the fall.

ScatterHe is very serious about renting out the place next year, so he wants to have the farm in ‘perfect’ order for the renter.

WorkWe use this dirt to build up areas that have either washed away or blown away.  This soil is also spread out over the farm ground to fill in holes that have developed.

FallOff now!  My wish for you is that your day is the best it can be!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Socked in- Sunday, September 28, 2014

A HUGE rain storm rolled in last night complete with rolling thunder and stunning flashes of lightening.  By 9:00 in the evening we were wet.  The rain hasn’t let up since the storm rolled in.  On one hand the lovely drenching of all the parched and dried spots in the lawns and fields is a very good thing—on the other hand not so lovely.  It’s harvest here.  Not for us.  We have finished our harvest of the two first crops and are waiting for the corn to dry down before we start the third and last crop –corn.


There are others, neighbors and friends, who are in the middle of onion harvest, or their pinto bean harvest, or getting in the last cutting of alfalfa turned hay.

Moisture like this is not good for harvest.  😦

TSThis weekend found us in Craig, Colorado, to watch our grandson play Middle School football and take

FriendsEllie up to play with Linky for a spell.  Of course, we also got to enjoy the little Cowgirl and her REAL Cowgirl girl friends.

Tri-StateCraig is home to Tri-State Generation plant.  My Dad worked at the station right after it was built- until he retired.  Daddy started work for Colorado Ute—now Tri-State–at the Hayden plant, then was promoted to this plant right after it was built.

My parents moved to Hayden, Colorado, the year I was pregnant with Evan. They stayed they for over twenty years, Daddy retiring from Colorado Ute (Tri-State) and Momma retiring form Peabody Coal.

It’s sort of ironic that our youngest daughter and her family are now back in the Moffat/Routt County area don’t you agree?

Paonia-MountainsAnyway we are back to a decidedly very wet fall day.  It has the feel of a huge weather switch coming…I wonder if a killing frost will follow all this moisture; I would not be surprised.

It’s all most October…a killing frost is just around the corner, if not imminent.

Your friend on a farm,