As the Moon Rose in the Sky — The Sun Started to Set — Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Sometimes it happens, the Moon and the Sun arrive at the same point

At opposite ends of the heavens

When that happens we are more than blessed

For the air turns pink, a rose, orange and yellow

But mostly rose and pink

It is a wonderous experience to walk in the light.

From my world to your heart,


AHHHHHHHHHHHH, MOM, Hey MOM — Tuesday, November 17, 2020

‘Are you finding anything, Myrtle?”

“Well, kinda. Let’s look over here.”

“This is extravagant..lots of weeds and leaves and stuff.

“Let’s head someplace else.  I’m not finding anything.”


“Oh, look the loud echoing water is gone.  Let’s go down there.”

“I’m done.”

“Me too.”

Knock, knock, knock

“MOM!  Come out we want some luxury food.”


“YAY!  Mom is heading to the hen house with treats!”

“First one there gets all of them!”

“That’s just what you think, Myrtle.”

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




For Two Nights and One and 1/2 Days —- Sunday, November 17, 2019

It wasn’t a long visit,

But was a very nice visit…then noon came today

And they were gone.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


When Out on the Farm—Thursday, November 17, 2016

‘Twas the night before Yesterday, when out in the farm
A tiny young deer came looking, looking
She was walking so softly, so softly with care,
Her Momma had said be gone —not  here;
Being lonely, so lonely she came searching, searching wanting to be fed;
When out next to the trash can there arose such a clatter,
Boomer sprang from his bed to see what was the matter.
Away, away out the back door he flew
Scaring a raccoon so lively and quick.
And then, in a twinkling, the tiny young hooves

Following the raccoon with hooves that go click!



P.S.  We think the Momma deer has told this young doe it’s time to leave.  She is very determined to hang around our farm house and in the farm yard (there go all my flowers, but oh, well).  Terry thinks come spring she will move back up to the Upper End or over by the equipment.  Until then she is determined to hang around here.  Really not very afraid of Boomer.  She is afraid of the lights suddenly turning on.

P. P. S.S.  A pretty bad poem. Chuckle!


Two Years Ago in October—Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I have been reading Marianne’s Blog…Northview Diary ever since I started blogging many years ago.  I love reading about she and Ralph’s life in upstate New York, I’ve cried with them when they decided to sell out of the dairy business, and I’ve rejoiced at the birth and each mile stone of Sweet Little granddaughter!

But the one post that stays with me is this one:

Hold me in the Sunlight.

After all the winter storms we’ve been having I think it is a fitting post for this Tuesday.

Spare me from the hunter’s moon

And coyotes howling on the hill

I don’t like it in the dark, 

I’m sure I never will.

The sun and color have my heart,

The rising tide of daybreak

Morning is my favorite hour

I can’t abide the evening.

Wrap me in robins,

Sing me some sparrows,

Charm me with blue jays outspoken.

I’ll sleep when the sun goes down

And thank you for daybreak each morning.


After huge winds last night (and still going strong today) we finally have some sunlight. Although, it is rather cold outside…with the sun I can handle the cold.

With love and friendship,



A Gift from the Heart—Monday, November 17, 2014

A mighty wind continued to howl and scream giving the massive, heavy dark clouds a gigantic push all night Saturday night and into part of the day Sunday.  Just to walk outside would take your breath away as the  ❤⊱彡considerable strength of the wind shoved and pulled until the clouds and the ice storms moved on–heading toward the middle part of the United States.


Gradually the tail winds eased leaving behind a large arctic air mass, which will follow the rest of the vortex in an meandering sort of manner by the end of this week.

We woke up to 7* this morning…this is November, not even the end of November…with the day warming up to 30*….typical January weather.

Orange 1

BUT AT LEAST THE SUN IS SHINING!!!  I can take most anything if I can see the sun.

Our son-in-law and the two oldest grandchildren left right after dinner yesterday.  It was sad to see them go!  It’s always sad to see them go, but with the going is the returning so I hang on that thought.

Today Terry and I will be winterizing the other house; blowing out the pipes and filling the drains with anti-freeze.  If there was a furnace down there we wouldn’t be doing this, but there isn’t—not yet.  Not for a spell.

We are both ready for a break from the upkeep and the maintenance of that house!

Finally, finally I am catching up with all your wonderful emails and comments since the passing of my Fuzzy Dude. I thank you so much for all your thoughts and your continued contact with me.

Linky left me a packet of wonderful little letters on my pillow….I’m sharing with you one of her drawings…


Checky is the grandchildren’s dog before Hank Puff.  Checky and Fuzzy were very good friends, also.  Checky  is a doggy angel saying: Way to go Fuzzy!  Fuzzy is also a doggy angel saying No, don’t rain on Dad’s corn.  Under Fuzzy and a magic net to keep the water off Grandpa’s corn.  The corn is happy and full of butterflies.

A small but perfect gift from the heart!

Your friend,