A Big Thank YOU, Thursday, January 29, 2015

I want to give all of you a BIG THANK YOU for all the encouragement with my new endeavor with Sherlock Boomer!  The Chapter One is now posted with good reviews.  I shall continue until the very end, at which time there Should be a book.

The Adventures of Boomer will still continue on Friday, after all Boomer does tell about Farm life from his perspective.  Life on a Colorado Farm seen through the eyes of a beagle, so to speak.

Maybe I’ll figure out how to make Fuzzy and Boomer’s adventures into a true story yet, many of you suggested I give it a good try.  I’m open to suggestions if you want to leave me a comment or to email me.  As Sallie from The Traveling Grainvilles, and others of you pointed out Fuzzy was a vital part of the farm for a very long time.

Another thing you might notice is my blog got a mini-make-over thanks to Uncle Spike. (Uncle Spike is a farmer in Turkey.  You might head on over– his blog is very diverse and full of photos and cool adventures he has had over his life.)

Uncle Spike very graciously helped me get the comment section set-up so I can answer everyone’s comments right on the blog!  I like the idea of answering the comments right on the blog as it gives depth to the post it would otherwise not have.

Uncle Spike then set up the header with categories —under Fuzzy and Boomer you will find the Adventures of Boomer and the Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer.  Life on a Colorado Farm is all other posts except Sherlock Boomer.  Sherlock Boomer will be the serial posts, which I hope will result in a book.

An Invitation is still there…I’m still thinking on it.  I like the idea of inviting people to sign-up but maybe it isn’t necessary.  I’m open to suggestions if you want to give them to me.

Terry and I and our neighbor have been working steady cleaning up the mess left from the logging of the trees. We must hurry as there is a storm due in here tonight (it might miss us) and we want to have as much done as possible —if it is a very wet storm.  Also, the cows are coming the middle of next week, which means me MUST get done down there and get the fence put back up.

Fire-1Once more THANK YOU!

Your friend,





23 thoughts on “A Big Thank YOU, Thursday, January 29, 2015

      • There are several places to self-publish. It depends on how you want to handle the whole business. Take your time, make sure you decide on whether you want to have the books published and sent to you to mail out, have them print-on-demand or ebooks (there are more options too). I’ve been looking into it but have to wait for awhile until things settle down for me and the family, right now, upheaval is an understatement.


  1. Can’t wait for the new adventures. Since you’ve mentioned Uncle Spike’s blog, I went to his blog and just tried to find his latest post. Couldn’t do it! He sounds interesting, but I only found history and headings. Please keep your blog simple for us Luddites! Thanks.

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    • Hmm… not had any issues reported, and the links that Pat used throughout her post all work fine as far as I can test out. The blog automatically opens showing a ‘sticky’ post (one from the past, changed regularly), followed by all the latest posts in date order, from newest first after the sticky. One thing, only a summary of each post is shown (image + some text), you can then click on any to open a post. Also, as Pat mentioned, there are numerous categories and lots of sub categories to look at – just hover the mouse over each one to see the sub categories. Any issues, let me know 🙂

      Thanks for your interest, much appreciated 🙂


  2. Very kind words, thank you 🙂
    The main thing is that you are writing some wonderful posts; all I’m here for is to help ensure they can be seen as you want them. I’m now gonna settle down with a cuppa for a spot of Boomer…


  3. Thanks for linking back to me linda! I sure didn’t expect that. You are so sweet as well as so talented. I hope one of your readers has a good lead to the publishing ins and outs. Have you looked on Amazon to see what kind of how to books there are. I’d think there must be something. Of course you’d have to know how to distinguish the good advice ….

    I love what your blogging pal has done for your new look too.


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