Yard Work–and a Request–Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bleeding-Heart-2I have finally finished my serial about Sherlock Boomer.  I am very interested in what you think about the story.  Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.  If you haven’t read the complete story or would like to please go to Sherlock Boomer on my header or click this blue line.  Because I wrote this as a serial, with a new chapter every Wednesday you will have to scroll clear down to the bottom, then click on older posts to get to the beginning-Chapter One.


I had thought that a weekly chapter would be fun to read and to write.  I am of the mind now  it probably got long and tedious and boring.  Anyway, I am very interested in your thoughts and encourage you to leave a comment.  This way others can read what your wrote and I have a place where all the comments are collected.


Finally, I have been able to work on my own yard–to do so I have to let my house go—soon, soon the renters will be in the other house. Right now I’m painting the bubble gum pink bedroom.  Once I’m finished they will come!


It’s been delightful to see all the dainty spring flowers popping up from all the moisture we had.

14Just look at the beauty of the sky last night!  Stunning isn’t it.  The storm clouds built around the Plateau, never coming our way.  We went out at 6 p.m., to set water, then got in after the sun set.  I love seeing the setting or rising sun when we are out there on the land.  I just love it.

Anyway off now to get some work done.  Please don’t forget to give me your comments about the Sherlock Boomer–Mystery of the Missing Rabbits serial.

Your friend,




A Big Thank YOU, Thursday, January 29, 2015

I want to give all of you a BIG THANK YOU for all the encouragement with my new endeavor with Sherlock Boomer!  The Chapter One is now posted with good reviews.  I shall continue until the very end, at which time there Should be a book.

The Adventures of Boomer will still continue on Friday, after all Boomer does tell about Farm life from his perspective.  Life on a Colorado Farm seen through the eyes of a beagle, so to speak.

Maybe I’ll figure out how to make Fuzzy and Boomer’s adventures into a true story yet, many of you suggested I give it a good try.  I’m open to suggestions if you want to leave me a comment or to email me.  As Sallie from The Traveling Grainvilles, and others of you pointed out Fuzzy was a vital part of the farm for a very long time.

Another thing you might notice is my blog got a mini-make-over thanks to Uncle Spike. (Uncle Spike is a farmer in Turkey.  You might head on over– his blog is very diverse and full of photos and cool adventures he has had over his life.)

Uncle Spike very graciously helped me get the comment section set-up so I can answer everyone’s comments right on the blog!  I like the idea of answering the comments right on the blog as it gives depth to the post it would otherwise not have.

Uncle Spike then set up the header with categories —under Fuzzy and Boomer you will find the Adventures of Boomer and the Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer.  Life on a Colorado Farm is all other posts except Sherlock Boomer.  Sherlock Boomer will be the serial posts, which I hope will result in a book.

An Invitation is still there…I’m still thinking on it.  I like the idea of inviting people to sign-up but maybe it isn’t necessary.  I’m open to suggestions if you want to give them to me.

Terry and I and our neighbor have been working steady cleaning up the mess left from the logging of the trees. We must hurry as there is a storm due in here tonight (it might miss us) and we want to have as much done as possible —if it is a very wet storm.  Also, the cows are coming the middle of next week, which means me MUST get done down there and get the fence put back up.

Fire-1Once more THANK YOU!

Your friend,