A Grandpa Bunny Moment—Monday, March 2, 2015

It’s raining here…big sploshes of water.  Then it turns into a fine mist, but still wet.  Not satisfied with the mist the raindrops return.

Our snow is rapidly melting, becoming ragged and tattered.  Mud is appearing, plus the food for the cows—no more nosing around in the snow to find fodder.  It’s there, just waiting to be munched upon.

Shadows1When I was bringing in the wood, for the woodstove yesterday a tiny break in the clouds offered up a patch of blue sky and enough sun to cast blue shadows on the lawn.



It was a Grandpa Bunny moment!  Grandpa Bunny was my most favorite story in the Little Golden Books. (I have three copies,)

Grandpa Bunny teaches all the other bunnies how to decorate nature. Grandpa Bunny loves each and every season–one of my favorite parts is when Grandpa Bunny shows the little bunnies how to paint shadows on the snow.


Walking along with my load of wood I realized I saw a perfect Grandpa Bunny moment

Shadows-2As they say:  “Priceless”.

Your Friend,




17 thoughts on “A Grandpa Bunny Moment—Monday, March 2, 2015

    • Grandpa Bunny also went away into the sky. (He died) Then the sunsets became a sign from Grandpa Bunny he was alright.

      I love sunsets also. But you know that already!


  1. I love it! Never have seen that book, but it sounds great and what a perfect moment. We had ANOTHER ice storm last night, but the sun came out today and melted most of it away. Yay!

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