We are Frozen Here—Thursday, April 16, 2015

SnowingIt’s snowing here…giant fluffy flakes of winter’s snow.  They say we could have as much as 3 inches.  😦  The only good thing, about it being snow, is it isn’t as wet as rain.  To work in rain is the pits.  At least with the snow you only freeze to death.  The mud comes later.

11You can’t see the snow here, because it hadn’t started yet, but it is there….waiting in the clouds

10Lurking, ready to begin.  You can see the snow falling in the canyons…if there were no snow the canyons would be crisp and clear to your eye, it’s misty..either rain or snow.  Today it is snow.

8My hands are froze.  Since I set the tubes and help walk the water {Terry does all the back breaking digging and he helps walk the water} I sometimes have to get my hands in the water.  That’s why I can’t wear gloves, even plastic gloves won’t work, I’ve tried them. What I need to do is get good enough I don’t have to stop, bin over and place the tube in the water, grab the end of the tube (to form a suction) in the water, then quickly set the tube in the row.  Terry and MIsty can do it, but not I.

18Oh, well, it ’tis what it ’tis.

I have my seeds started for the year.  I hope to plant out by Mother’s Day. (who knows with this year)

19Tomatoes, water melon, flowers and other goodies, happily sprouting away.

Happy Winter, er, Spring…whatever 🙂  I wish all of you peace and so much love,

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,




50 thoughts on “We are Frozen Here—Thursday, April 16, 2015

  1. Yes, snowing here too! I was just hoping for at least 8″ of the heavy wet stuff, but not so yet~too dry here in the forest. Take care of those hands, Linda.

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  2. Yipes….. I was hoping the winter weather was OVER—but it’s only April 16…. Winter sometimes takes its time leaving. How about some photography gloves –with some of the ends cut out???? But—I know you need waterproof ones…. SO???? Have no idea. My hands are the worst thing to keep warm when we are out hiking in winter.. They BURN—even with gloves on…

    Good Luck.

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  3. “At least with the snow you only freeze to death. ” I’m really trying to get my head around that one. Here it is 21 degrees C, and raining cats and dogs, and I’m feeling sorry for myself! Summer, come back please! Good luck with the seedlings.

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  4. Irrespective of this uncooperative weather, it is good to see you have not lost your sense
    of humour! I refer to your writings under the first photo of the white covered
    outside chairs – ” RAIN – FREEZE – MUD”.

    Stick with it mate. It will all eventually fall into place for a successful planting and harvest
    year! I have a feeling that we here in Brisbane are presently having exactly the weather
    conditions that would suit your present situation! Pity that the Pacific Ocean and the
    Rockies are in the way, eh?

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  5. How about those armpit length veterinary gloves? You could get a woolly pair on underneath, maybe? I don’t like the idea of your poor hands freezing to bits… I’ve always thought of snow as non-erosive irrigation, but of course the mud must be dreadful. I hope it passes on soon.

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    • Oh, you are so kind to think of something for me. The whole problem is the need to create a tight seal on the end of the tube…either the gloves are too thick and won’t seal or the thin gloves tear. 😦


      • I’ve got a feeling the vet gloves might be vinyl based and a bit stronger than the thin latex kind, but still thin enough to let Mr Veterinarian feel what he’s doing… What you really need, of course, is for the weather to warm up!


    • They do look nice, but see those knobby things on the palm, they won’t let me create a tight suction on the end of the tube. So I have to lean over, put the whole tube in the water, claps my palm over the end and then swing it over the side into the furrow. Its the suction thing I have the problem with. Terry can just walk along and dip and claps and set, never getting his hand wet ever. I have to just keep on practicing.


  6. I think my comment went to cyber space! Anyways I hjeard tonight on the weather that you had a snow maker you need some handwarmers for your pockets. I think they last about 12 hours. The Farm Supply store has them here, I keep them in the car just incase:(

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  7. Hang in there Linda…..sounds like states all around you are getting the “delightful white stuff” too. Spring should be back your way soon! Hope your hands thaw out soon!

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  8. The world’s weather is really most peculiar and seem to be getting worse every year…nothing is how it should be…snow in April! This is not right…and I am so sorry about your poor hands, what about thin gloves under waterproof gloves…there must be an answer.
    My poor dear friend in Colorado,,,you are suffering and I want to take that suffering away cos thats what friends do….but all over the world the weather is up the creek and all due to cutting down rainforests and such like. I reckon if God put them there He did it for a reason and there is Man chop, chop, chop…..Rain where there should be sun…sun where there should be rain.
    Its a man made disaster!

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  9. Sure hope your snowy weather leaves and doesn’t come back until next December!! Too cold to be working in water….the hands do take such a beating with that kind of weather. I got another .1″ of rain last night, but thankfully no hail like some areas got.


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