Those Ancient Conversations with Prophets about God—-Monday, April 16, 2018

For Terry and I — those types of conversations occur constantly…every day and in every way, as we walk solidly up on the land

We see it at the Upper End when the lush grass starts to green up like emeralds, and the air is suffused with the freshness of Spring

We see the Uncompaghre Plateau brighten in the air as lovely as crystals shimmering in the sun

We feel the touch of God’s hand brushing our checks softly in the growing dusk

The wind sometimes lifts us to heights of wonder, complete with fear and trembling (on our part)

Then, when the cloud streaked sky is shredded with the last of the golden sun’s glow, we know, beyond the Shadow of a Doubt we are more than blessed.

From our world to your heart,





We are Frozen Here—Thursday, April 16, 2015

SnowingIt’s snowing here…giant fluffy flakes of winter’s snow.  They say we could have as much as 3 inches.  😦  The only good thing, about it being snow, is it isn’t as wet as rain.  To work in rain is the pits.  At least with the snow you only freeze to death.  The mud comes later.

11You can’t see the snow here, because it hadn’t started yet, but it is there….waiting in the clouds

10Lurking, ready to begin.  You can see the snow falling in the canyons…if there were no snow the canyons would be crisp and clear to your eye, it’s misty..either rain or snow.  Today it is snow.

8My hands are froze.  Since I set the tubes and help walk the water {Terry does all the back breaking digging and he helps walk the water} I sometimes have to get my hands in the water.  That’s why I can’t wear gloves, even plastic gloves won’t work, I’ve tried them. What I need to do is get good enough I don’t have to stop, bin over and place the tube in the water, grab the end of the tube (to form a suction) in the water, then quickly set the tube in the row.  Terry and MIsty can do it, but not I.

18Oh, well, it ’tis what it ’tis.

I have my seeds started for the year.  I hope to plant out by Mother’s Day. (who knows with this year)

19Tomatoes, water melon, flowers and other goodies, happily sprouting away.

Happy Winter, er, Spring…whatever 🙂  I wish all of you peace and so much love,

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,